Hot Stone

Hot Stone in Ubud offers sauna procedures based on traditional wood-burning stoves, with a plunge pool filled with ice, eucalyptus brooms, and fir aromas. This will provide complete relaxation and health restoration. The cost is 1,300,000 Indonesian Rupiahs per hour with a minimum rental of two hours.
There is also a spherical sauna with prices starting from 1,500,000 Indonesian Rupiahs, accommodating up to 15 people. The minimum booking time is three hours. Additionally, there's an infinity pool with saltwater and an ice plunge pool. The price includes a bonfire area, fruits, towels, sarongs, and sauna caps.
Furthermore, there are club days held weekly on Thursdays and Saturdays, priced at 550,000 Rupiahs per person, and when booking in advance, it's 450,000 Rupiahs.
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