Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang in Bali

The most interesting places are usually inconspicuous. An ancient river has carved a deep canyon in the rock (located on the maphere). As a result, a very whimsical natural formation was created, full of strange lines and intricacies. Everywhere are hollows, bends, grooves, projections. Precipitous walls clamp the small stream into their stone jaws. Everything around is so unusual that you will feel like visiting other planets. Lianas hang from the walls, and the water flowing down them sparkles with unreal overflows of a rainbow in photographs. A cool stream flows at the bottom of the canyon. Each new turn reveals new impressions. All the corridors are different from each other and yet nothing is similar.

How to pass through the canyon?

Passing through the canyon is not that easy; in some places, the stream spreads in such a way that the depth may be waist-deep or more. You don't want to get wet, so you have to think carefully about each step to avoid getting stuck. Along the way, nature throws all sorts of new tasks at you, and as you overcome them, you will get pleasure.
In some places, to move on, it is necessary to move straight along the walls, jumping from stone to stone, using a Tarzan swing or a hanging rope. Cross over from the right side of the canyon to the left and back. Moving along the steep wall on a small ledge, you need to find places to grab a recess for your hand, where to put your foot, deciding on the right or left, so that the next step is comfortable or even possible. By shifting your weight, climb the incredible slopes at first glance. These simple but attention-demanding puzzles require a solution; otherwise, turn around. What is next?

Taking a guide

For those who are not sure of their minimum mountaineering training and did not climb trees and garages in childhood, it may be more comfortable to take a guide. They will suggest ways to easily climb the ledges in the canyon walls to move on. These positive and attentive guys, all in the same t-shirts, are perfectly organized and do not insist on mandatory accompaniment (for around 50,000 Indonesian rupiahs). It is sufficient to leave a donation (about 10,000 rupiahs) at the entrance and welcome to the gallery of the works of an unknown architect - the goddess of water.
On hot days, it is advisable to come to the canyon around 8 am because it becomes very hot by noon. During the rainy season, especially after heavy rains for several days, the water level in the canyon rises, making it difficult to go without a guide. Because there are deep places that, when passed, pose a risk of getting wet and wetting things, including equipment. A guide can issue you a waterproof bag for your belongings to avoid risks and show a safer way. Guides' cost is estimated at an average of 100,000 rupiahs per group. Keep this in mind when planning to visit the canyon.
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