Half-naked foreigners on motorcycles upset residents of Bali. Identities of the offenders have been identified

Another loud scandal erupted regarding tourists on rented motorcycles. A video, presumably shot by a local driver on Sunset Road in the Kuta area, went viral on social media. The footage shows a group of five foreigners on Nmax motorcycles coming from Bukit. The guys notice they are being filmed, and it doesn't seem to bother them. They probably weren't aware of the consequences this footage would bring.
Apart from well-developed muscles, it's noticeable that the riders are not wearing helmets or shirts. This fact drew attention to the video. Initially, locals actively commented, demanding authorities to take action. Subsequently, the video appeared in the Bali press, and finally, the island's police made a statement.
The chief of the Denpasar Police Traffic Section, Commissioner I Made Teja Dwi Permana, reported that, as a result of video verification, two registration numbers of motorcycles used by the foreign violators were identified. The bike rental owner confirmed that their motorcycles were rented by two foreigners: Mr. Oscar James and Mr. Curtis Ruban from Australia. The rental agreement was signed on December 28, 2023, and the bikes were returned on January 12, 2024, after which the clients flew back home. The identities of the other three individuals in the video could not be determined. The rental owner admitted he couldn't anticipate such behavior from the clients.
"Yes, we know the violators have now left Indonesia, but if they ever decide to return, deportation awaits them," stated Permana. "Regarding foreign citizens riding motorcycles without helmets, without shirts, we will continue to coordinate our actions with immigration authorities and take decisive measures in accordance with existing laws and regulations," promised the head of the Bali Police Public Relations Division, Commissioner Paul Jansen Avituta Pandjaitan. "We keep urging motorcycle rental owners to cooperate, ensure compliance with requirements for vehicle renters, instruct them to follow traffic rules, such as wearing helmets, having a valid driver's license, and wearing appropriate clothing while riding. I also remind you that creating a special motorcycle rental agreement is mandatory," he added.
Adhere to traffic rules and prioritize safety while driving. Cameras are now installed on roads, monitoring drivers in many areas of Denpasar, Badung, and other cities in Bali.
By the way, in Canggu, where every second foreigner rides without a helmet, you can also get fined. Police regularly stop violators at the intersections of Raya Canggu, even without viral videos. The absence of a helmet on the head incurs a fine ranging from 100,000 to 300,000 rupiahs, depending on the charm of the violator. As for bare torsos, the police seem to overlook them. Perhaps this has relaxed the scandalous Australian bikers.
Officials aim to combat not only the reckless driving of some foreigners but also the harmful habits of local drivers. Local traffic police have launched a hunt for motorcycles with modified exhaust systems. Locally, it's called "borong" (similar to our straight pipe).
Incredibly loud exhaust pipes have become a highly discussed topic among both tourists and local residents. Roaring bikes cause resentment among most Balinese. Police regularly impose fines on drivers caught using overly loud exhausts and make them dismantle the system. In the Gianyar area, inspectors reported confiscating over 65 "borongs" in just the past month. In some cases, as a measure of social impact, drivers are even forced to do push-ups on the roadside. It would be interesting to see such "punishment" applied to the Australians from the viral video.
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