Good ENT in Bali. Otorhinolaryngologist

Does pain occur when falling into water or being hit by a wave? or just during a quiet immersion in water? If the former, then this is still normal, the plugs will save you. If the latter, then you need to see a doctor. You need to know for sure that nothing is damaged in your ears. Otherwise, it may turn out that surfing is contraindicated for you.
Earplugs can be found in surf shops, here was a short list. Yes, there are plenty of them. There is also a healthy Rip Curl central store on Sunset. You can probably see the plugs there too.
In general, ears are a really sore spot for surfers. With strong wipeouts, a very large load is placed on the eardrums and they can even burst. Never fall off a wave on your head!
Some guys also have ears that are sensitive to the cleanliness of the ocean. And when garbage washes up on the shore in winter and a person goes for a ride, dirt gets into the ears and inflammation begins.
Many surfers (especially older ones) surf with plugs.
Eardrums can be trained.
If you are interested, you can take a mask and try to dive a meter under water first, there you will already feel the pressure on the membranes. No need to vent! Do this several times. Then the next day again, then you can slightly increase the depth. I think in a few weeks your ears will get used to it)
But again, if you don’t continue to train them, then they will also lose the habit.
Hospitals and clinics in Bali with recommended ENT specialists:
Balimed Hospital - Denpasar (inexpensive and without insurance)
You can sign up via the contact form on the website or via Whatsapp at +62 855 3906 508
Dokter SpesialisTHT - Denpasar (inexpensive and without insurance)
Whatsapp +62 857 3870 8262
Rumah Sakit Prima Medika - Denpasar (inexpensive and without insurance)
You can sign up via the contact form on the website.
Sanglah General Hospital - Denpasar (inexpensive and without insurance)
Apotek Anugerah 2 - Denpasar (inexpensive and without insurance)
+62 812 3826 060
The ENT doctor has appointment hours at the pharmacy
BIMC Hospital Kuta - Kuta (expensive, better to use insurance)
BIMC Kuta +62 811 3960 8500
BIMC Nusa Dua +62 811 3896 113
BIMC Ubud +62 811 399 552
Kasih Ibu General Hospital Kedonganan - Jimbaran (expensive, better to use insurance)
BoutiqMed is a clinic in Denpasar. ENT Dr. Conchita da Silva
+62 815 58007296
Kasih Ibu Hospital - Denpasar (expensive, better to use insurance)
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