Gasoline Shower. Foreign Women Staged a Provocative Photo Shoot at a Gas Station in Canggu

A rather unusual photo shoot took place at one of the Pertamini gas stations in Canggu, owned by a 24-year-old Indonesian. Two foreign women in revealing outfits posed at the gas station on Batu Bolong.
Photo: detik
One of them climbed onto the roof, comfortably settled there, and started pouring gasoline from the pump onto the woman below. The model underneath the "gasoline shower" struck some rather provocative poses. It seems they were quite fortunate, as many people in Indonesia smoke.
Iptu Putu Sukarma, an officer in the Badung police public relations department, confirmed that upon learning about the viral video, officers began an investigation. According to the Pertamini owner, the women initially asked only to take photos and were granted permission. "Sifaudin, the gas station owner, said that a woman asked to take photos at his Pertamini. She also showed some photos on her mobile phone," said Iptu. After receiving consent, the woman left but returned a few minutes later with two friends in bikinis who acted as models.
During the flamboyant show, the owner tried to chase the unruly models away, but they ignored his requests. Eventually, the photo shoot ended, but the gas station roof was damaged. For this, Sifaudin managed to charge them 300,000 IDR.
The nationality of the women is not yet confirmed, but judging by the conversations in the video circulating online, they are Russian-speaking. There is a possibility that the women could be deported as they disrupted order and endangered not only themselves but also others and their property. Generally, inappropriate behavior on the island is not welcomed and often results in forced repatriation of the offenders.
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