Fish restaurants in Jimbaran

Seafood restaurants on Jimbaran Beach.
Once a small fishing village, Jimbaran was right on the edge of the ocean. Its population mostly made a living by sending out to sea.
Today, the coastline in this area is filled with both large and small hotels, but local residents still engage in daily fishing activities.
Jimbaran is renowned across the island for its fish market. Even before dawn, the village fishermen set out on their modest boats into the open ocean. If you're lucky enough to witness this moment, you can count up to 150 boats within sight.
By 6-7 in the morning, they return with their catch, unloading it right by the fish market. Here, you can buy the freshest seafood - fish, shrimp, squid. If you're unable to cook the purchased fish, there are local cafes near the market where they'll cook your catch for you.
The cost of fish starts at 40,000 per kilogram, shrimp from 80,000. Sellers here rarely negotiate.
For those who aren't enticed by a visit to the market (the smells there are indeed quite specific), but still want to taste fresh seafood - there are numerous seafood restaurants along Jimbaran Beach. It's the 'fish place' of the island.
Territorially, all the restaurants are divided into three main groups. The first is near the market, the second is in the middle of the beach, and the third is at the very end, not far from the Four Seasons hotel and the Sundara restaurant. Tables for visitors are set right on the beach.
You can stroll along the entire coastline and check prices at different cafes; they can vary significantly.
The traditional offering of restaurants includes seafood sets for 2, 3, 4, and more persons. Visitors are offered a set of seafood prepared in various ways - baked, boiled, fried, steamed.
The starting price for such comprehensive dinners is around 200,000 rupiahs and higher for a set for 2 people. This set likely includes one medium-sized fish, 4 king prawns, 4-6 mussels, and several squid. Several sauces and steamed rice or roasted vegetables usually accompany such a set.
The closer the restaurant is to the market, the more elaborate the menu and the more expensive the cost of dinner. Each restaurant has its beckoner, who will happily showcase the menu and chat with you about life. Don't hesitate, ask questions.
During dinner, local musicians circulate from table to table, singing songs in almost every language.
We also recommend trying corn from local vendors. Here, they roast it on charcoal with oil and spices. There are both spicy and non-spicy options, both very aromatic and flavorful. The cost per ear is 10,000 rupiahs.
The best time to visit Jimbaran is daily from 5-6 in the evening. You'll have time to stroll along the beach, witness a beautiful sunset, explore restaurant offerings, and decide where you'll have dinner.
For those who enjoy tactile sensations, we recommend choosing a table closer to the shoreline. This way, during dinner, you can savor the taste of the dishes while the waves gently caress your feet.
Among the restaurants on Jimbaran Beach, Lia Cafe and Menega are particularly popular. Radja Seafood Cafe Jimbaran, Made Bagus Cafe Jimbaran, and Nyoman Cafe also receive good reviews.
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