Empathy School is a unique international school for children!

..What do you want for your child?
This is a question that has concerned the founders of the "Empathy School," Erick Gonzalez-Pena and his wife, ever since they studied at Harvard University.
Namely, in our age of artificial intelligence and global consumption, what kind of education will best prepare your child for the future?
Here is how the mission of the founders of the "Empathy School" answers this:
"To create an atmosphere of empathy and understanding in which children will acquire the qualities and skills necessary for a fulfilling life in the 21st century... while also enjoying the most beautiful childhood."
"The foundation of education is empathy," says Erick, the director and founder, a Harvard graduate with 15 years of teaching and educational program leadership experience.
"Empathy is, first and foremost, the ability to have a conversation with oneself. Each of us had a time when we doubted who we were. What we want from life. What we don't want...
We need a clear voice to be able to thrive in life. Many people have lost—or never developed—their inner voice. So many adults are still wandering in the dark!" says Erick.
"Why is the school called "Empathy"?
🌴 The Empathy School is part of the global "nature school" movement and was founded in mid-May 2020 in a luxurious villa in Ubud and the surrounding fields.
When you see for yourself what the school looks like, you won't have any doubts that the children are truly happy!
Most of the classes take place outdoors, and the children are constantly engaged in educational and developmental projects.
...When they're not jumping on the trampoline, playing in the mud pit, learning aqua aerobics, mastering new dances and theatrical performances, working with a 3D printer, or observing their friends' chess games.
This brings us back to the main question: "What do you want for your child?"
"Empathy School is not for everyone. You wouldn't come here if you felt your child needed to be in a box..." says Eric.
If the school had a founding father, it would be Marshall Rosenberg, a psychologist who developed Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in the 1960s. His portrait hangs on the wall, and the teachers undergo training based on his work.
"NVC is our default language," Eric says.
"We teach students to communicate without blaming them and how to develop real communication strategies to raise strong and flexible leaders adapted to the new era."
The school is supported by both Harvard (USA) and Cambridge (UK) Universities: Harvard provides advice on preschool and elementary school development, while Cambridge supports the middle school.
Space is limited, so come and visit to see everything for yourself.
We hope you'll become a part of our amazing international community too!
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