Elephant Safari Park Lodge Bali in Taro village

The Elephant Safari Park is located near Ubud in the village of Taro. It is an almost untouched jungle area where comfortable conditions have been created for the living and breeding of elephants.
Despite the historical absence of elephants in Bali, tourists now have the opportunity to interact with these amazing animals. Once rescued from Sumatra, these animals now reside in a beautiful park designed to closely resemble their natural habitat.
The elephant park offers a multitude of entertainment options. Elephant rides through the jungle in comfortable chairs, elephant shows showcasing the incredible talents and intelligence of these animals, and the opportunity to spend an entire day with the elephants, feeding them breakfast and lunch, bathing with them, and engaging in training activities.
The park also features a comfortable hotel where guests can stay for several days. The hotel offers comprehensive elephant interaction programs, spa services, and meditation programs. Additionally, guests can enjoy activities such as rafting, kayaking, jungle trekking, and hiking. The park even hosts wedding ceremonies and includes an elephant museum.
The elephant park in Bali was recognized as the best park in Indonesia in 2012.
When going on an elephant safari, don't forget to bring comfortable shoes, repellents, sunscreen, and hats.
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