Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and cultural landmarks but also for being a unique place to enjoy wild nature. One of the most exciting ways to immerse yourself in the world of animals and underwater wonders in Bali is to visit the Bali Safari and Marine Park.
The park has long been recognized as a leading tourist destination for nature enthusiasts and family vacations. In June 2023, it was honored with the prestigious award for the best wildlife sanctuary and safari park by the Malaysian Association of Family Entertainment and Attractions (MATFA).
Location on the map: It is located 45 minutes southeast of Ubud. Tickets can be purchased here. From Tuesday to Sunday, you can visit the Safari Park by purchasing the popular "JUNGLE HOPPER LEGEND" package. The cost for adults is 750k, for children aged 3 to 12 it's 620k, and with a KITAS (residence permit), it costs 275k (adult) and 235k (child).
For other packages and their costs, you can check here. The park is home to over a thousand diverse animals, represented in more than 120 species, including rare and endangered ones. Animals such as zebras, hippos, rhinos, buffaloes, antelopes, giraffes, bears, deer, and more can be seen in their natural habitat by taking a safari bus ride (included in the entrance package).
An English-speaking guide will accompany you, sharing interesting facts about the wildlife. For an additional fee, you can organize such a park tour in a jeep. There is also a "Night Safari" program. Throughout the day, exciting educational presentations about the world of animals unfold in different corners of the park. Reminding guests of the importance of nature conservation and careful treatment of the environment, these moments immerse visitors in the world of animals and introduce them to the unique Indonesian culture, legends, and myths.
Looking at the schedule and map, you can plan your day to enjoy every corner of the extensive entertainment complex. Keep in mind that the park's territory is quite large, so we recommend calculating time and creating a route to cover everything that interests you. Right after entering the parking lot, you will see an information desk where staff will answer all your questions and provide necessary information about the park's events, attractions, and entertainment.
To the left of the counter are the ticket booths. Here, you should exchange your electronic tickets, if you purchased them in advance, for printed copies by providing identification. Additionally, you can purchase extra tickets to the water park (only 30k), which is located on the premises (towels can be rented near the pools for 50k). They will also offer you special discount coupons and vouchers that you can use for purchases in the park's shops. There is an option to rent a baby stroller and exchange/withdraw money as well.
After passing through the turnstiles, you can board a bus that will take you to the first location of the park - the Lobby Barong. Here, you'll find toilets, a cafe, a shop, and an information center. Nearby is the "Crocke Attack" area with crocodiles.
If you venture a bit deeper, you'll reach the Toraja Terminal (the departure point for the safari bus mentioned at the beginning of the article). Look for signs labeled "Safari Journey" throughout the park. The safari bus operates daily from 9:45 to 17:15 (last bus). Towards the end of the trip, you'll pass by a restaurant where families of lions leisurely roam around.
Returning from the safari bus tour, you'll find yourself near locations where shows take place. On one side is Komodo, home to Komodo dragons. Nearby is the Tiger Show, followed by a feeding point for black elephants, a bit further is the Elephant Show, and adjacent to it is the Petting Zoo (open until 16:00), where you can feed rabbits, goats, and other animals (food for animals is purchased on-site, ranging from 35k to 65k).
Feeding giraffes is only until 15:00 and costs around 350k. Speaking of giraffes, there is a hotel on the premises. The Mara River Safari Lodge offers 45 equipped rooms with the rustic charm of an African safari. From their terraces, you can feed these graceful creatures of nature. Waking up, ordering breakfast to your private balcony, and having giraffes join you—it sounds amazing and looks Instagram-worthy! The room rates start from 2.5 million. It's advisable to book in advance.
Not far from the hotel is the exquisite Tsavo Lion restaurant – the first African-themed establishment in Asia where guests can observe lions in their natural habitat while enjoying truly delicious food. The lions walk/lie just a meter from the windows, in such proximity that it's impossible to look away from the glass!
On the other side of the restaurant, if you consult the map, white tigers inhabit the area. After passing through this zone, you find yourself near the elephant bathing point, the Animal Show stage, and the Bali Agung theater. Moving further, you encounter the Bali Market, and opposite, you may encounter orangutans.
Throughout the park, there are various food spots, including warungs, cafes, and restaurants, offering a variety of choices. There are also stalls with bottled water (0.5L = 20k+) and ice cream.
Returning to the beginning of the path, you can observe the Fresh Water Aquarium space. This area is currently closed, so stay tuned for updates. Meanwhile, the Rainforest Trail is available nearby – a trail through the tropical forest where you'll encounter otters, gibbons, monkeys, and even flamingos and a black jaguar.
Just beyond a small bridge, the Funzone entertainment area awaits you with thrilling attractions.
After all the adventures and lunch, it's great to visit the water park, relax, and enjoy water activities. In this part of the park, you'll find several pools of different depths, water slides, and various children's zones. You can also rent a towel there for 50k.
As you've noticed, there are entertainments for all ages here, making it highly recommended for families. To explore each area and enjoy all available attractions without wasting time searching for them, we recommend studying the map and planning your route in advance. Have a fantastic time!
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