Driving Features in Bali

Let's talk about the peculiarities of traffic in Bali. The main feature is, of course, left-hand traffic, but you quickly get used to it.
👆🏻The concepts of the main road and "obstacle on the right," in our case, "on the left," are also ignored.
👆🏻There are frequent rains here, and with streams of water on the asphalt, a lot of sand and gravel are carried away, so be more careful on turns. Try not to brake too hard on sand, wet asphalt, or roads with dirt coverage. It's better not to drive through puddles or drive very slowly through them. There may be potholes in them.
👆🏻It's not worth driving in the middle of the road between cars.
👆🏻Here everyone honks, as in most Asian countries, but here the sound signal only indicates the presence of another road user. Also try to sound the horn before hidden turns to warn those who are out of sight.
👆🏻If a person riding a bike or even a car in front of you starts waving in a certain direction, it means that he intends to turn in the corresponding direction.
👆🏻If a car or bike turns on blinking lights before the intersection, it means that they intend to continue moving straight ahead.
👆🏻Try not to stick to trucks; trash flies off them, which can get into your eyes.
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