Computer Club In Bali.

Guys, gamers of Bali, your torment in local smoky, stuffy, dirty and unpleasant-smelling computers is over.

TimeHUB Arena in Ubud

That's fantastic news! TimeHUB Arena sounds like an exciting addition to Bali's scene. Hosting weekly Dota 2 tournaments, CS training sessions, and FIFA mini-tournaments on PS5 sounds like a blast for gamers.
Expanding to include tournaments for other popular games will surely attract even more enthusiasts. It sounds like you're building a vibrant gaming community in Ubud!

Zones and prices

At the moment we have a total of 30 computers, which are divided into 3 zones, as well as a recreation area with consoles.
Here's the pricing breakdown for TimeHUB Arena:
- 1 hour: 20,000 Rp.
- 5 hours: 80,000 Rp.
- 10 hours: 140,000 Rp.
PRO Zone
- 1 hour: 30,000 Rp.
- 5 hours: 120,000 Rp.
- 10 hours: 210,000 Rp.
VIP Zone
- 1 hour: 40,000 Rp.
- 5 hours: 160,000 Rp.
- 10 hours: 280,000 Rp.
- 1 hour: 60,000 Rp.
- Additional time: 1,000 Rp per minute.
Each zone offers complimentary sweets, tea, and coffee. It seems like you've created a diverse range of options to cater to different preferences and budgets.
Zones differ in the power of computers, the quality of devices and additional features buns.

Information and reservations

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