Climbing Volcano Agung in Bali

Height 3140 meters, ascending Mount Agung is fascinating; it's not overly difficult, but it requires some effort. As the rainy season is starting, make sure to plan accordingly. There are two routes to the summit: one takes 6 hours to reach the very top, to the crater, and the other is a 3-hour option, a bit easier but not all the way to the summit, designed for tourists. The routes start from different points on the southern and southeastern slopes.
The ascent begins at night, aiming to be at the summit by sunrise. The experience includes transportation to and from the starting point, equipment, and a light breakfast at the summit. Climbing without a guide is prohibited as it's very difficult and dangerous, especially in the darkness where it's easy to get lost on the rocky part of the volcano.
It is recommended to bring a sweater, jeans, or other warm pants, sports shoes, and a hat as it can be cool at the summit. Overall, it's a true adventure! Very cool!
The ascent unfolds as follows: at midnight, departure from the hotel; by 2 AM, you reach the starting point; 3.5 hours of ascent to be at the summit by sunrise. Enjoy the view for about half an hour, and then a 4-hour descent.
Mount Agung is not the most welcoming place for a picnic; by 11 AM, clouds close in, rain is possible by noon, and another round in the evening, so overnight stays are challenging, especially outside the dry season. However, guides often resist deviating from the standard ascent plan, and without their approval, it's not permitted.
It gets very cold on the volcano! Don't forget warm clothing, especially a warm sports jacket. Proper trekking boots are highly recommended; casual shoes can be severely worn during the ascent and descent. It's also advisable to cover your head; it can get quite sunny, and proper headgear helps.
If you lack experience and substantial preparation, it is recommended to first climb Mount Batur before attempting Mount Agung.
Guides make offerings at the top of the volcano:
sunrise Mount Agung
Here are some more important points:
- Mount Agung is the holiest mountain in Bali. Treat it with respect!
- Avoid carrying unnecessary weight, such as a heavy professional camera or tripod. It's preferable not to carry anything in your hands, ideally using a small backpack on your back.
- Get a good night's sleep beforehand! The ascent is long and challenging; you'll need your strength.
- Bring a spare T-shirt to change into later and avoid shivering in damp, sweaty clothes.
- It's advisable to have a headlamp; guides often provide them.
- Do not trek alone; use a guide!
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