Cliff jumping in Bali. Where can you go cliff jumping in Bali?

It is located near the Ayana Resort, here. It's better to leave your transportation at the asphalt turnoff as the road further ahead is very rough, then walk on foot.
Distinctive feature: you can jump from a cliff into the ocean, the height is about 4.5 meters, and there is a special ledge. It's safe to jump at almost any water level (tides), just not during extremely low tides.
If you want to jump and swim, it's better to come when there are small waves (see surf forecast). When there are no waves at all, the water is clear and pleasant, perfect for snorkeling.
There's a small beach, but the entrance to the ocean is very rocky, so be careful when entering and exiting.
It's a great spot to watch the sunset.
The first photo was taken almost from the very specific point where the optimal place for jumping is.
Another landmark: at the jumping point, there is a very noticeable ledge about half a meter down. That's where you should jump from. Or to the right of it if you want to jump from a higher point.
When jumping, try not to dive too deep if possible.
When exiting the water, try to stay as close to the right side of the cliff as possible. Swim about 5 meters to the shore, make sure there are no waves, and then exit.
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