Children's hospitals and pediatricians in Bali

Medicine and Bali. Someone will say that there is super-premium service here, while someone will be horrified at the sight of a hospital room. Everything is very individual. The presence of insurance does not guarantee payment for your treatment in all cases, and it is not always possible to choose a medical institution and doctor based on insurance. But it's better to take care of it in advance.
Sometimes there are complex cases - surgeries that are performed only in one facility in Bali, and they are done by a couple of specialists. Therefore, you need to be prepared to spend money if you need medical assistance. In this case, we strongly advise having insurance. In simple cases, such as poisoning, allergies, or infectious diseases, insurance typically covers the treatment expenses without any problems.
Sequence of actions if you need medical care and you have insurance:
We contact/call the insurance company, explain the situation, and inquire about which clinic to go to. We receive confirmation from them that they have already started sending a guarantee letter to the hospital regarding the payment of your treatment expenses or have already sent it.
We go to the clinic (bring your passport!), ensure that the guarantee has arrived, and undergo treatment. We make sure that the insurance company has sent a general guarantee letter for the payment of all medical expenses and receive medications.
If you have a serious injury, no insurance, and limited funds, try reaching out to government hospitals in the south such as RSUP Dr. I Gede Anom Ngoerah, and in remote areas, such as RSUD Karangasem and RSU Ganesha.
If you are going to the hospital without insurance, the cost of medications sold by the hospital may be crucial for you. Pharmacies at hospitals are much more expensive than regular ones (hospitals earn well on this), and you can simply take the list of prescribed medications and go to a regular pharmacy like 'Kimia Pharma,' Century Pharmacy, or 'Guardian.'

Bali Royal Hospital

Good clinic with two convenient large parking lots. The staff is friendly and caring. There is a large children's department: a pediatrician, a gastroenterologist-hepatologist, an endocrinologist, and a consultant specializing in tropical pediatric infections and diseases. It is not very popular among foreigners; mainly locals seek treatment here. However, the staff speaks English well, and there is a special consultant in the hospital with perfect English. There is also a maternity department here.
The cost of a pediatrician consultation starts from 1 million rupees. The hospital's rule is that before visiting a doctor, a deposit of 2 million rupees must be made. Upon final settlement, if the treatment cost is less, the difference will be refunded.
"Many thanks to Dr. Kesuma SPB, the entire emergency department staff in the operating room. All your services are very good, professional, and respond quickly."
"Very good service, doctors, nurses, clean rooms, all amenities."

BIMC Hospital

on the map (Kuta)
on the map (Nusa Dua)
on the map (Ubud)
Nusa Dua
+62 361 3000 911
+62 361 761263
+62 361 2091 030
WhatsApp (Kuta)
The first Indonesian hospital to successfully undergo accreditation by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS). The level of service and medical staff is quite high.
BIMC Hospital comprises two centers: a 24-hour trauma and emergency center and a 24-hour medical center. The 24-hour medical center provides family medicine programs, consultations, on-call hotel visits, and medical examinations. Pathology departments and pharmacies also operate 24 hours a day.
The cost of a pediatrician consultation is 1,820,000 IDR, and for general consultation, it is 395,000 IDR. Medications are charged separately.
Doctors are available for house calls, providing initial medical assistance.
"Want to share my experience visiting the local hospital with my child. Yesterday, my little one fell in the pool and cut his forehead; the wound turned out to be deep. Following the advice of local friends, we went to BIMC Hospital Kuta. Registration was quick, but we waited for the doctor for over an hour. In the queue ahead of us was a girl with the same forehead wound 🤪 Liked the doctor; they cleaned, treated, and closed the wound carefully and attentively. The child is 4 years old and didn't even flinch. They administered 2 tetanus shots (said everyone here should get them if they haven't). Gave us medications, antibiotics, and plasters to take home. The doctor said we could remove the adhesive with warm water after a week. No soaking until then! The visit cost 2.3 million. Extremely humane, in my opinion."
"The service at BIMC Hospital is very good, meeting international standards of service."


on the map (Canggu)
"You can schedule appointments with doctors through the Mysiloam app or via WhatsApp chat. Quick registration at the reception. The cost of a pediatrician consultation at this clinic is 720k.
It's very convenient that in this hospital, right after seeing the doctor and receiving prescriptions, you can get a complete set of necessary medications (free with insurance or for an additional fee without insurance). There is a 24-hour emergency service available."
"The hospital facility itself wasn't very appealing (we had to wait quite a bit with a feverish child), but the doctor conducted a thorough examination and prescribed a blood test. By the way, they took blood very gently, which was a relief for me, as my child is only 10 months old. About three and a half hours after we left, we received the test results via email."

Murni Teguh Hospital Tuban Bali

"The staff is friendly, the place is clean, and the service is good. Keep it up."
"The service for me and my child is good, the equipment and rooms are sufficient for me. The staff was friendly. The provided food also suits my taste. Thanks for the excellent service 😁😁."

Kertha Usadha Hospital (RS. Kertha Usadha)

+62 362 26277,
+62 362 26278
"Insurance companies VSK and Ingosstrakh collaborate with this hospital. They can also refer you from Liberty if you live in the northern part of the island. The clinic operates 24/7. A pediatrician examination with a blood test from a vein is around 700k.
"Rsu Kertha Usada provides excellent service, friendly staff. It remains the preferred hospital in the Northern Bali region 👍."

Hospital Ganesha

Phone: +62 361 298233, +62 361 47100
"Relatively affordable hospital with average reviews. Pediatric consultation costs 600k.
"The hospital provides the best service. When my child fell ill during our tour from Surabaya to Bali, the treatment was very prompt. They immediately asked for BPJS, and we didn't have to pay anything. My child was able to continue the tour. The doctors and nurses were also very friendly, kind, and meticulous. Thank you for all the kindness. Best wishes for the continued success of Ganesh Hospital 🙏🙏!"
"Very good service, clean and comfortable room. Cleaners, nurses, and doctors are very kind and friendly, making patients feel comfortable. Hospitality and service are maintained. Thank you for taking good care of our child 😇😇😇."

Bali Mandara Hospital (RS Bali Mandara)

+62 361 4490 566, +62 361 4490 633
"Relatively new hospital, operates 24/7. There is a children's playground on the second floor. A refrigerator for breast milk is available. Pediatric consultation with KITAS - 85k, without KITAS - 165k.
"It's cool, the service is really good. A modern conceptual hospital."
"Cleanliness, the equipment looks new, the staff is very helpful, and there's spacious parking. More convenient and cleaner than some private hospitals."

Alamat Praktek

WhatsApp +62 878 6008 3379
"Small doctor's office with few reviews on Google Maps, but all are positive. You can call a doctor to your home through WhatsApp. Personal experience with a home visit was positive. The doctor was professional, kind, and attentive, prescribed medications, and the child recovered.
Two doctors work there - DR. Wayan Eka Wardana and DR. Wayan Ariani Vitriasari. They provide services in different areas. Depending on the distance, the cost of the visit may vary from 300-500k. The doctor comes with medications, and you can purchase everything you need right away.
"The doctors are friendly, and the prices are reasonable. Most importantly, after the examination and taking medications, the illness is cured. Thank you."

Prof. dr. I.G.N.G. Ngoerah General Hospital

"The largest government hospital in Bali. It has a pediatric department with various specialists. The outpatient clinic operates Monday to Thursday from 07:00 to 13:00, and on Fridays from 07:00 to 13:30. The department is closed on weekends and holidays. The website offers an online patient registration section. The cost of a pediatric consultation starts from 150k.
"Grateful to the staff for their professionalism and speed. Came with my son who fell off his bike, had an open wound, thought they would need to stitch it up, so came here. They provided excellent first aid, checked everything, treated the wound, and closed it with a special plaster. Very pleasant and good service."

Balimed Hospital

There is a 24-hour ambulance service.
Ambulance: +62 855 3906 501
Make an appointment: +62 361 4847 48
"Private clinic located in Denpasar. The clinic is decent with a wide choice of doctors. Downsides include crowds, queues, and slow staff. Prices are reasonable. Treatment here is cheaper than at BIMC. Positive reviews about pediatrician Dr.Awik.
Pediatric consultation with the issuance of medical supplies: antibiotic, cold syrup, allergy ointment, fever-reducing medication - 620k.
"Clean, doctors speak English, but the rest of the staff is not great."
"BaliMed Changgu is just a quick examination room; at most, they'll give you a plaster."

BaliMed Canggu Clinic

"Very kind and competent staff, excellent service. Consultation, prescription, and medications cost around 350,000 IDR, and blood tests are around 270k. The clinic operates 24/7. According to reviews, Dr. Awik is highly recommended. The doctor makes house calls, takes all necessary tests, returns with the results, and provides the required medications.
"Wonderful doctors. My child had a temperature of 39.2, they examined us, explained all possible consequences, and we went home without a fever. Highly recommend!"
"Very good doctors, explained everything in detail. They work professionally, arrived promptly. Thank you!"
"Excellent service. I called a doctor to my home because my child was unwell. The doctor came, took tests, and returned a few hours later with the results and medications. He also stayed in touch during the treatment. Good service, and most importantly, the child recovered."

Hospital Ari Canti

Phone: +62 361 922 99 11
"An affordable hospital in Ubud that operates 24/7. Positive reviews about the pediatrician from this hospital. Consultation costs 500,000 IDR. Cleaning + stitching wounds, treating knee abrasions, tetanus shot - around 1,000,000 IDR.
"My child used a nebulizer (I think that's what it's called) right in the doctor's office, and miraculously, his breathing improved immediately!"
"The clinic is good. The staff is very friendly, responsive, and one girl spoke English practically without an accent."
"My daughter was urgently operated on at Ari Canti - acute suppurative appendicitis. Miraculously, they managed to do everything!"
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