Bukit Cinta - The Hill of Love (Bukit Cinta) in Bali

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photo by @wanderersandwarriors
This viewpoint is located in the Karangasem area, on the east side of the island. It's convenient to visit if you are staying in Amed.
There are two beautiful vantage points where you can capture colorful Balinese landscapes with the backdrop of Mount Agung.
photo: sunshineseeker
The first lower viewpoint allows you to descend from the hill. From there, you'll see two palm trees, distant rice fields, and Mount Agung rising on the horizon. There is a designated area for motorcycle parking near the road.
Walk carefully and wear comfortable shoes, as the pathways can be slippery.
photo: sunshineseeker
A bit further down the road, approximately 30 meters away, you'll find the second upper viewpoint. It's slightly more comfortable, and you can capture shots from the side of the road.
However, if you want to be in the frame, your photographer will need to stand in the middle of the road, so be cautious and watch out for cars and motorcycles.
It's best to visit this place in the morning. During sunset, Mount Agung often gets covered by clouds as soon as the sun starts to go down. It's challenging to predict whether Agung will be visible beyond the clouds in the morning, but if you're lucky, the morning will be unforgettable.
Even if Mount Agung is shrouded in clouds during sunrise, don't despair. Wait for about half an hour.
Observe how farmers go to work in the fields, enjoy the freshness of the Balinese morning, and feel how quiet everything is around, as if the whole world is still asleep.
photo: ourtasteforlife
Additionally, just dispersed clouds will create the necessary texture in the sky.
On a perfect morning, the morning mist envelops the rice fields, and the pink hues of the sky illuminate Agung with a magical glow.
Entrance to Bukit Cinta is free. This is quite a rare occurrence for Bali.
photo: mappingalong
The viewpoint is open to visitors 24 hours a day; however, it's better to come here at sunrise to admire the view of Agung.
Come to capture stunning shots. Come with your loved ones to meet the beginning of a new day full of adventures. In the magical moment of sunrise, the surrounding beauty will be so powerful that it will make you feel the strength of the present moment and the importance of being attentive to it.
photo: mappingalong
Indeed, in that moment, many of your worries will fade away.
And you will find yourself alone with the magnificent, beautiful, and mighty world.  
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