Best motorcycle and scooter rental in Bali 2024

Best motorcycle rentals in Bali in 2024 with photos and prices. How much does it cost to rent scooters in Bali, my ranking of the TOP motorcycle rental companies on the island where you can rent beautiful, custom scooters and powerful motorcycles. And what you need to know if you are going to rent motorcycles in Bali.
I will tell you whether there is insurance for motorcycles, whether they give helmets, additional trunks, where you can take custom and brightly colored scooters, where you can rent enduros, sport bikes, street bikes, where you can take powerful motorcycles, which scooters are the most popular, which ones are for girls, which ones are for guys, which ones are for beginners, and which ones are suitable for long journeys.
Which scooters can fit a helmet in the trunk, and about how new helmets are expendable here if left unattended. Whether you need a driver's license, whether you're often stopped by the police. And safety precautions when driving motorcycles in Bali.

What you need to know when renting a motorcycle and scooter in Bali

  • Driver's license - by law you need one, rentals mostly only find out about your experience. But if you don't violate, you can very rarely be stopped by police and ticketed, so there are a lot of drivers without license on the road here. In Bali you can get a local license in 1 day, it will not add to your experience, but your insurance company will pay for your treatment if you have coverage for driving a bike, because it is valid only if you have a license.
  • Life insurance when driving a motorcycle is a must, because on the road not everything depends on you, and the traffic here is very chaotic and there are a lot of those who do not follow the rules of the road and those who can get drunk behind the wheel, both locals and foreigners. I can't think of a friend who hasn't had a bike accident, and there's a post about someone collecting for treatment after a motorcycle accident almost every month. Do it for your peace of mind and your loved ones.
  • I and my friends, who are not in BALI for the first time, use insurance from GENKI, which includes driving on a bike and costs only from 39 euros per month, and unlimited coverage for accidents.
  • Your experience - I, recommend getting full training in your home country, as I did after my first serious fall, but the minimum is to take a couple lessons from local instructors to correct your basic mistakes. Especially for girls, who have a harder time dealing with stress on the road, which can affect your decision making in traffic situations.
  • Bike insurance - it is available only to those rentals who insure it with their own wallet, so the cost will be more expensive, in other cases, all responsibility for the motorcycle on you, the most popular scooters prices on the market from 1 000 - 4 000 $.
  • Police - usually it is only at static posts, and they stop you if you ride without a helmet, and violate. There are very rare times when they stop everyone, haven't seen that since 2019.
  • Helmet - full face only, for your safety, please take it, yes stuffy, yes less comfortable, yes you can't put anything in your mouth in it, but it will protect your lower skull, unlike halves.
  • ABS - I recommend taking scooters and motorcycles with ABS, will give more safety when braking hard and on slippery surfaces. They are a little more expensive, but it's worth paying for.
  • Theft - always lock your scooter, do not leave your helmet unattended from constantly stealing, and do not sit on your phone when you are driving or a passenger, or do it beforehand looking around the space, they are constantly ripped out of your hands, my friend was ripped out just even when he was walking.

Popular scooters and motorcycles in Bali

Yamaha NMAX, Honda PSX, Honda ADV.
These scooters of the same size and price category and power from 150-180 cubes, they love to take and guys and girls who already feel confident behind the wheel, because at first it may seem heavy to them. Also on these scooters feel comfortable couples. The trunk can hold one full face helmet or two open helmets.
Personally, I like the Nmax for its great maneuverability, the Honda PSX because it is as light as possible, I see girls on it most often, and the Honda ADV for its high stance, and wheels with a large radius, which makes it feel less bumps on the road.
Cost: IDR 1,500,000 - 2,500,000.
Yamaha XMAX
This scooter is larger in size, it has a larger trunk and power of 250-300 cc depending on the year, it is better to gain speed from 50 km / h, that is more comfortable, and more confidently holds the road at high speeds of 80-120 km / h, the cost is 2 times higher than the bikes in the first block. It has more space as a driver, and your girlfriend as a passenger, feels like a queen, from the comfort she gets relatively smaller scooters.
But it is also heavier and at low speeds in traffic you spend more energy on maneuvering and holding it when parking.
Cost: IDR 3,000,000 - 5,000,000.

What are the best scooters to rent in Bali

  • Your experience/your height and physical condition - without experience, take lighter scooters and low-powered scooters to feel the motion, your nervousness behind the wheel, maneuvering. Your height determines how comfortable you will be when you get on the bike to reach your feet to the ground. And from your physical condition, how hard it will be for you at low speeds to control scooters, especially in traffic jams and parking. For girls it's better to take Honda Scoopy, Vario. For guys - Nmax, it is the lightest or PSX - because it is a lower seat and the weight differs by 3 kg.
  • For two people - start with NMAX, PSX, ADV - so that you have enough space when boarding, and in the trunk you can fit helmets, usually 1 full-face or 2 open. For more experienced Yamaha XMAX - huge trunk, you can fit 2 full-face helmets, and a lot of your stuff, for example, you can fit Sony PS5.
  • For traveling long distances - Scoopy type scooters are not advised to use, except for moving between neighborhoods, because the bigger the scooter, the more confident you feel at high speeds and can comfortably ride them. And here the priority is the same as in the paragraph above. And on the Yamaha XMAX you have an even bigger gas tank and you can ride more distance on one tank.
  • Beautiful scooters for girls - the most popular scooters for girls are Honda Scoopy and PSX.
If I'm traveling short distances, I'll take the Honda PSX because it's the lightest and most comfortable in its dashboard. If I want to ride around the island with a girl, I will take XMAX for its sharpness at speeds and comfort at high speed, and the fact that I will need to put on an extra backpack and everything will fit in the trunk, and on one tank I will go very far. And there's a huge amount of space when you land.

Best scooter and motorcycle rental companies in Bali - my experience


This company, for those who like custom and colorful scooters and good service to not worry about anything.
  • Insurance - fully insured bikes against any damage and theft
  • Helmets - they give out two new helmets per bike. And they will give you a child helmet for your child.
  • Technical support - they will come and pick up your bike, give you a replacement bike and do all the work if anything happens.
  • Free delivery - to the farthest points of the island.
  • Bike cover - they will give you a cover so that your bike does not get hot in the sun, and was protected from the rain, and when you are ready to go, you do not burn and do not wet your clothes.
  • Holder - all bikes with a phone holder with wireless charging.
  • Free Washing.
  • New bikes - all bikes are 2023 with low mileage.
  • Rentals with no deposit.
  • Surf tracks/boxes - there are bikes that already have these items installed.
Motor pool prices:
  • Yamaha XMAX 2023 - 5.5 mln IDR per month / 1.8 mln IDR per week.
  • Yamaha NMAX 2023 - 3.5 mln. IDR per month / 1.15 mln. IDR per week.
  • Honda PSX 2023 - 3.3 mln. IDR per month / 1.1 mln. IDR per week.
  • VESPA 2023 - 4.5 mln. IDR per month / 1.5 mln. IDR per week.


This company has insurance is already going as an additional service, there are sport and street motorcycles, for the rest of the moments:
  • Scooters and motorcycles - from 2022.
  • Free delivery.
  • Insurance - 1.5 mln. IDR / per month - full insurance, 450 k. IDR - partial.
  • Discounts - for rent from 2 months - 5%, from 3 months - 10%.
  • Holder for the phone - on request.
Scooter prices:
  • Yamaha XMAX 2022-2023 - 3.950 - 4.5 mln. IDR per month.
  • Honda ADV 2023 - 2.8 mln IDR per month.
  • Yamaha NMAX - 2.5 mln IDR per month.
  • Honda Scoopy - 1.5 mln. IDR per month.
  • Honda Vario 125-160cc - 1.5-1.8 mln. IDR per month.
  • Honda PSX - 2.1 mln. IDR per month.
  • Yamaha Lexi - 1.7 mln. IDR per month.
  • Honda AEROX - 1.8 mln. IDR per month.
  • Kawasaki Versys X 250cc 2023 - 6.9 mln. IDR per month.
  • Kawasaki Ninza 250cc 2023 ABS - 5.9 mln. IDR per month.
  • Honda CBR250 2023 ABS - 5.9 mln. IDR per month.
  • Honda CBR250 2022 - 4.8 mln. IDR per month.
  • Honda CBR250 2022 - 3.2 mln. IDR per month.
  • Yamaha XSR - 3.2 mln. IDR per month.


There's no motorcycle insurance here, and helmets are given out by seen-it-all helmets, but prices are lower.
Prices for motorcycles and scooters:
  • Honda Scoopy - 1.2 mln. / month.
  • Honda Vario - 1.2 mln. / month.
  • Yamaha XMAX - 3.5 mln. / month.
  • Yamaha XSR - 3.0 mln. / month.
  • Yamaha MT25 2016-2022 3.0-4.5 mln. / month.
  • CRF 150cc - 2.5 mln. / month.

AJ RentBike

Scooter prices:
  • Yamaha Nmax 2023 - 1.8 mln. / month.
  • Honda Scoopy 2023 - 1.4 mln / month.
  • Fazzio 2023 - 1.4 mln. / month.
Contact: Telegram.

Douglis Sundarsana

No insurance, free shipping in Canggu only.
Price of scooters:
  • Honda PSX ABS 2023 - 2.2 mln / month.
  • Yamaha Nmax - 2.0 mln. / month.
Contacts: Telegram.

BONSAI Bali Rental

Prices for scooters:
  • Honda ADV - 2.2 mln. / month.
  • Yamaha XMAX - 4.3 mln. / month.
Contacts: Telegram.


For fans of flashy motorcycles, there are powerful bikes from 650cc.
Prices for bikes:
  • Kawasaki Z900 ABS 2023 - 28 mln. IDR / month.
  • Kawasaki Ninja 250 2023 ABS - 7.5 mln IDR / month.
  • Honda CBR 250 ABS - 8.5 mln IDR / month.
  • Yamaha R3 320cc ABS - 10 mln. IDR / month.
  • Honda Rebel 500 ABS - 13 mln. IDR / month.
  • Kawasaki Ninja ZX25R ABS SE - 12 mln. IDR / month.
  • Yamaha XSR - 3 mln. IDR / month.
Prices for scooters:
  • Honda PSX - 1.8 mln. IDR / month.
  • Yamaha NMAX - 2.5 mln. IDR / month.
  • Yamaha XMAX - 5.0 mln. IDR / month.
  • Yamaha AEROX - 2.2 mln. IDR / month.
Contacts: Telegram.


One of the longest standing in this market, over 8 years and the largest fleet of scooters and motorcycles in Bali. The guys here are more for comfort and good concierge service with full insurance on your bike so you don't have to worry about crashing somewhere and scratching your scooter.
Scooter prices:
  • Honda Scoopy 110 - IDR 1,950,000
  • Yamaha NMAX 155 - 3,000,000 IDR
  • Honda PCX 160 ABS - 3 000 000 IDR
  • Yamaha Xmax 250 ABS - 5 500 000 IDR
Motorcycle prices:
  • Yamaha XSR 155 - 3 900 000 IDR
  • Kawasaki Ninja 250 - 5 850 000 IDR
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