Bed linen stores in Bali

Indolinen Bedsheets & Towels
There are several stores of this company. For example:
The website presents a range of products: but the store may not always have what you are looking for. That is, it may be that pillowcases or sheets with that density of fabric or weaving motif simply won’t be available. But the linen is of very high quality and will last a long time.
Small shop by the road. All the most basic things are there. The selection is small, but the quality is good. Assortment - on the website
You can also look at bed linen at the Hypermart supermarket. There is a large assortment and a lot of linen with drawings and patterns.
Ervi bed & bath
If you have a non-standard order or want to order bed linen with a specific pattern geometry. They work very conscientiously and accurately. Even if you order 20 pillowcases of different sizes, they will do everything accurately. The only thing is you have to wait.
Ace Hardware
Chain of stores "everything for the home"
Kuta - shopping center Bali Mall Galeria
Chain of stores "everything for the home"
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