Bali's First Classic Pub, Gabet's, Opens In Uluwatu

In Uluwatu, there are many wonderful places, but there hasn't been a classic pub yet. Now, on Labuansait, the main street of the area, a real pub called GABET'S The PUB Bukit has opened.
It is believed that the first pubs appeared over 10 centuries ago in Ireland and Britain. These were places where people could gather, have a drink, enjoy good food, dance, watch musicians perform, or play games.
Over the centuries, pubs evolved into a distinct type of establishment but did not lose sight of their main objectives: to provide a comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere with good food and drinks. Despite the general name, each pub has its own style, features, and numerous stories often marked by inscriptions or photographs on the walls of the establishment.
Since its opening, the pub has already attracted a large number of grateful visitors. Often, there are no available seats, despite there being plenty—160, to be exact. Therefore, it makes sense to reserve tables in advance (+62 818 0807 1212).
The name itself has its own story. "Gabet" is the surname of the family that founded the establishment, Alice and Alexander. Originally, they wanted to simply name the pub "Pub," but that name seemed too plain. As a result, they added the surname, which made it stylish. Naturally, incorporating their family name into the title adds a certain responsibility—they need to give it their all. Furthermore, in Swedish, "Gabets" means a space on the keyboard. This name is perfect for the pub and is quite symbolic. As one of my acquaintances said, it's essential to create space between work and sleep.
It was fortunate that the building was constructed almost from scratch, giving the owners complete freedom in layout and interior design, which they took full advantage of to achieve a maximally comfortable and thoughtful arrangement of spaces and, of course, the necessary atmosphere. Alexander mentioned that to achieve the desired result, they had to redo everything several times.
The interior of Gabet's Pub is designed in a classic style with brick, wood, warm subdued lighting, leather sofas, comfortable armchairs, bar stools, high tables, and, naturally, a substantial bar counter stocked with a wide variety of drinks, including many types of excellent draft and bottled beers. On tap, they serve Kölsch, IPA, Pilsener, and of course, Bintang, a Balinese classic. In bottles, you can find brands like Erdinger, Cherry Kriek, and Padiluwih, offering select German and local varieties. Of course, there are also cocktails, tequila shots, champagne—basically, everything you need to suit any mood and taste.
The owners take particular pride in the pub's kitchen. They don't skimp on portion sizes or ingredients here; they prioritize your enjoyment over cost optimization. The rule is simple: the dish should be generous and incredibly tasty, whether it's a towering, juicy burger or a lasagna with marinara sauce.
The quality is overseen by a top-class chef. Not to mention, even without discounts, happy hour, or numerous daily specials, the prices are quite reasonable. By the way, the menu also includes vegetarian dishes.
Of course, the pub also features a stage for live, energetic music because it's not just about drinking beer and eating well—it's about having a great time. Four to five times a week in the evenings, there are live performances. Bali's best rock bands set the rhythm for the evening. There are no sad, lyrical, or tear-jerking ballads in their repertoire—just energy, rock, and fun. The pub is not a place for sadness; it's a territory of unrestrained joy. Guests dance, hug, sing along, applaud, and sometimes even take the microphone themselves. The atmosphere is extremely positive: no fights, scandals, or other unruly behavior—why bother with all that when there's beer and great music? By the way, the pub occasionally hosts live mellow jazz performances too. The sound and audio system in the establishment are excellent.
If you're looking to have a slightly calmer time, the pub has an impressive collection of board games, and you can also watch live sports events on TV.
Alexander and Alice have big plans for the near future and beyond. They'll soon introduce darts, set up a backyard cinema, offer karaoke, organize various giveaways where you can win towers of beer or dinner coupons. They also plan to feature shows, PlayStation eSports battles with prizes, pool tables, air hockey, and foosball. In short, they've invested—and continue to invest—their hearts into their pub and promise that there will never be a dull moment at Gabet’s. So, check out their Instagram, pick a day with a suitable offer—whether it's a "buy one cocktail, get one free" happy hour, "champagne for ladies," or a live performance by your favorite team or UFC fighter—and come visit. German beer won't drink itself!
The pub is open from 12:00 PM to 01:00 AM.
You can reserve a table via WhatsApp at +62 818 0807 1212.
Explore the menu, atmosphere, discounts, and events on Instagram.
Here's the map location of Gabet’s Pub. 
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