Bali is the best! The island was named the best tourist destination of 2024

Bali has won the Travelers' Choice Awards,where users and experts from the TripAdvisor portal choose the best places to stay, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment every year. Less than 1% of 8 million offers on the site are included in the "Best of the best" category.
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This year, there are 25 locations in the top of the world's best tourist destinations. Bali is in second place there. The island is only behind Dubai, but ahead of London, Hanoi, Rome, and Paris.
“Bali is a living postcard,an Indonesian paradise that seems fantastic,” say the award's experts. Users are offered to “bask in the sun on a strip of fine white sand or mingle with tropical inhabitants, diving along coral reefs or colorful fragments of a World War II warship.” The ranking compilers also did not forget to mention the stone temples hidden in lush jungles, and mischievous monkeys. Ubud is named the ideal place to see a traditional theater-dance production, attend a batik or silvercraft master class, or energize at a yoga class.
According to TripAdvisor users and experts, Bali is also ideal for cruise tours, rafting, spa relaxation, and cultural and educational tours.
The “Best of the best” award is given based on the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings from real travelers from around the world,gathered over the past 12 months.
TripAdvisor experts also have their criteria for evaluating travel destinations, attractions, real estate, and businesses. All contenders for victory are checked for serious incidents related to safety, discriminatory behavior of staff or management (if it comes to hotels and restaurants). Cases of publishing fraudulent reviews are also excluded.
Another rating published on the TripAdvisor website is the trending destinations. This is a list of 25 places from lesser-known cities to new points of attraction that are becoming increasingly popular. The top 3 on this list are Tokyo ,Seoul, and Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.
The Travelers' Choice Awards also award the best beaches, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment. The winners in these categories have not been announced yet, but promise to do so within the year.
Source: TripAdvisor
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