Angel's Pool - Angel Billabong

Angel's Billabong is one of the attractions on Nusa Penida Island. This natural infinity pool is framed by cliffs and hangs over the ocean, in close proximity to Manta Bay.
Angel's Billabong is located in the western part of Penida. Many central roads leading to the port are in good condition. However, once you turn onto a side road, be prepared for adventures.
Potholes, rocks, and ditches are inevitable companions of dirt roads. Move on them slowly and carefully without reckless driving.
Once you arrive at the parking lot of Angel's Billabong, you will be required to pay 5,000 rupees. Signs are installed along the way to the attraction, so you won't get lost.
There are several viewpoints around the pool. One of them, located directly near the pool, is recommended. The water is perfectly clear, and the temperature during the day is comfortable for swimming.
The rocks around the pool are quite sharp. However, once you step onto the smooth surface, they become soft and comfortable to walk on.
There are many beautiful spots around the pool. If you're lucky, you might even see giant mantas underwater in Manta Bay.
A couple of minutes from Angel's Billabong is Broken Beach - Broken Beach. You can easily find the way to it following the signs along the entire route.
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