An Indonesian was arrested for the kidnapping and killing of dogs in Bali

Hermanus Mone from Sumba was arrested by the police in Kuta. The perpetrator had established a small meat business where he kidnapped and ate dogs, and allegedly traded their meat. After his arrest, Mone confessed to killing at least seven dogs he had stolen.
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However, his criminal activities extended beyond dogs, as he was caught stealing a pig. A Balinese citizen reported to the police that on May 20, 2023, his pig was stolen, causing damages amounting to 3.5 million rupiahs. The investigation into this theft took seven months and eventually led investigators to Hermanus Mone's rented room in Jimbaran. During questioning, Mone explained how it all happened (caution, some details are graphic). He revealed that on May 19, 2023, he stole a pig from the streets of Kuta, first hitting the pig on the head with a metal rod, and then inflicting three knife blows to the neck and abdomen. He then tied the pig and transported it to his home on a motorcycle. As the pig was too heavy, Mone had to abandon it near the crime scene and flee.
The perpetrator also admitted to the police that he stole seven dogs from different locations, including Kelan Beach, to consume as Rukun Warga, a popular dish made from dog meat in many regions of Indonesia. He killed the dogs by beating them with an iron rod.
Initially, Mone claimed he disposed of the dogs because he was tired of their incessant barking and pursuing him on the roads, but ultimately confessed to preparing and eating them. The police found that Hermanus Mone is a repeat offender who had previously served time in prison for assault. He now faces charges under Article 363 of Indonesia's Criminal Code with aggravating circumstances, carrying a prison sentence of up to 7 years. It is expected that he will also face charges under Article 302, Section 2, for causing harm and death to animals, which could result in a 9-month imprisonment.
It is worth noting that in many regions of Indonesia, culinary practices differ significantly from what a European might consider normal. In some places, such as Manado and a few other regions, people willingly consume rats, lizards, dogs, and snakes. Dog owners in Bali are advised to be more vigilant to ensure the safety of their pets.
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