Amoebiasis in Bali. The danger of parasites in Bali

This article is primarily for MOTHERS with BABIES and those who come to give birth!
The tips below will help you avoid encountering local parasites!
1. Be sure to wash your hands with soap before every meal and sanitize them.
2. Try to eat in local "warungs" rarely! Very often, this is where you can encounter intestinal parasites, for example:
  • AMEBAS. Symptoms: diarrhea, high temperature;
  • SALMONELLA (fever);
All of them are transmitted through dirty hands or water!
3. Find out what kind of water you have in your house. It may be contaminated and contain amoebas. You should not rinse your mouth with such water. 
To avoid infections, we recommend checking water tests for the presence of parasites.
If the water in your house is central, it is likely to be clean. If there is a private pump, there may be problems. It should be installed at a sufficient depth and at a distance of not less than 5 meters from the drain.
4. The most important thing is that the Balinese themselves (for example, Balinese nannies) are also passive carriers of parasites. But they are not concerned about it, and this can be very dangerous for a child!
5. The ocean water is so dirty that if you want to stay healthy, you can be in it for no more than 30 minutes!!
6. Read information about parasites on the internet (there is more detailed information about types of parasites, methods of infection, habitats, the number of infected people, etc.).
Pregnant women, young children, and elderly people (with weak immunity) are in the high-risk group for infection.
If you notice symptoms of any parasites, we advise you to immediately contact one of the island's clinics!
We wish you to be careful, happy, and healthy!
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