A trip to the temple with the bats (Goa Lawah Temple)

Most of the highway is bypass, then we drive between villages, great views on the sides - ocean and mountains.
📍 The first point on the map is Goa Lawah Temple. Put it in Google maps and let's go!
🛵Take the bypass and drive to the temple with the cave and bats. The road is easy. Along the way there will be many nice restaurants with low prices if you want to stop somewhere for a snack.
We arrive at the temple itself, there are two entrances - for locals and for tourists. Follow the signs and park right at the entrance where they sell tickets
They will immediately run to you to sell souvenirs and sarongs - the prices are just wow! From 200k for a figurine, when you leave they will be ready to give you 30k😁
YOU DON'T NEED TO BUY A SARONG! It will be given to you when you buy your ticket and will be tied right away.
The temple itself is famous for being built around a bat cave - and there really is a lot to see. You've never seen so many bats 🦇 
The temple is beautiful, with an ancient tree growing nearby. We move towards the bat cave, you can't go inside, there will be a warning sign.
We go back, put on our helmet and drive on.
📍 The second point is Sang Hyang Ambu Temple.
It is located on a mountain and going there is an adventure. Park, don't run over the monkey. You will see a beautiful gate with steps.
Buy a ticket, knit a sarong. For 20k you can buy a bag of bananas and feed the monkeys🐒
Up the steps to the gate, another 30 minutes of climbing ahead. Take water with you. The path is mostly steps, but sometimes just roots and a slide. The view at the top is very nice, so don't give up.
The ascent can be done by anyone with any kind of training. This is the finish line. We go inside, pass through a beautiful temple and see a stunning view of the ocean. You can even see Nusa Penida!
We take pictures, enjoy ourselves and move back. The descent will be much easier.
Here you can see the route to the Temple with bats
💰Price: Goa Lawah Temple (30k per person including sarong), Sang Hyang Ambu Temple (20k including sarong).
🛵Distance: 56km from Denpasar
⏰Trip time: 1.5 hours by bike
💪🏼Difficulty: easy
👆🏻Road: The road is beautiful and easy
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