One-day trip to Tanah Lot. A working Hindu temple

🌠 Difficulty: Short distance but dense traffic. Can be tiring to stand or maneuver, especially in rain or scorching sunshine
🌠 Road: Easy, follow the signs.
Pura Tanah Lot temple is a very interesting place, a must-see. It has a beautiful legend, according to which a monk by meditation himself pushed a part of the land closer into the ocean so he wouldn't be disturbed. At the bottom there is a spring that offers to wash, drink from it, pray and purify yourself. Anyway, let's go to see it.
We're leaving Denpasar. The distance is short, but due to traffic jams, it's a long drive. We follow the signs and navigator - Tanah Lot📍The best way for those who live in Changgu.
At the entrance we see a gate amongst the rice paddies. Drive inside, take the arrow to the right and get to the ticketing turnstile. Kids 30k, adults 60k. Pay and pass.
Next you will see many stores and souvenir stores. You ride through the area on your bike to the end until you see another checkpoint. There you will be asked to show your receipt, scan the code with your phone and you will be let through. Politely thank them, turn left and ride closer to the temple and the ocean. You can park right near the entrance to the temple.
Then we go to enjoy the views. The area is large, clean and beautiful, with waves rolling in the background, surfers riding, and a crowd of tourists taking pictures of everything they can. Everything is beautiful here😍
Go down and walk to the temple itself. ☝️Come at low tide, then you can approach the temple itself, walk along the ocean floor while the water has receded. You cannot enter the temple itself, but you can perform the ritual for a small donation. A flower will be put behind your ear, rice will be glued to your forehead and you will be sprinkled with holy water from the spring.
You can also stay here and watch the sunset.It will take quite some time to explore the whole area, prepare to spend at least an hour here. Tanah Lot is a magical place in Bali, we recommend you to feel the atmosphere in person. PURA TANAH LOT 
📍Point on the map: Pura Tanah Lot
Price: 60k costs a ticket at the entrance
Distance: 20km from Denpasar
Travel time: 1 hour 10 minutes by bike
Our official website is, for questions about availability of rental bikes contact our managers @BaliMotion
Have an easy safe road!
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