Special Luggage Inspection Has Been Introduced at Bali Airport

Bali airport customs officers now have a master key to all suitcases that support the TSA Master Lock system. This means that security personnel no longer have to open locked luggage during inspections or urgently search for their owners.
Representatives of Denpasar Airport announced that starting from March 15, 2024, they have introduced the use of universal TSA keys for luggage inspections. This will only apply to bags, backpacks, and suitcases that comply with the TSA standard. Travelers can check if they are using a TSA-approved lock by looking for the "Red Diamond" and "Travel Sentry Approved" markings on the lock itself.
The TSA Lock is a globally recognized security system that allows owners to lock their suitcases during travel while providing security personnel with the ability to inspect luggage without damaging the lock or case. This system was first used by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States. Having a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) lock is mandatory for passengers entering the United States.
This system is used in airports in North America, Japan, New Zealand, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and other countries. By law, if security personnel at the airport select a locked suitcase or bag for personal inspection, they will open it themselves. If they cannot open it, they may cut the zipper with a special tool. The airport is not responsible for damage to property or the safety of belongings in this case. Sometimes, if time permits, inspectors may call owners over the loudspeaker. However, this is more of an exception.
In the case of TSA locks, customs officers can open the lock with a special master key. Everything remains in working order, and the lock code remains the same and is not reset.
The master key cannot be obtained easily and is only held by customs officials at airports that have joined the TSA security system. The distinguishing mark of a lock that supports the TSA system is a red diamond. This indicates to security personnel during inspection that the luggage can be opened using a special master key.
Representatives of Ngurah Rai Airport explained: "If there is suspicion that there are items in the suitcase that are not permitted for carriage on the flight, it will be opened by airport security personnel in the presence of an airline security officer without the need for the passenger's presence."
Sources: : kumparanTravel,  Indopos
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