2-day tour to the Kintamani region and climbing Batur volcano

The mountainous Kintamani region and the sacred Batur volcano are places of tranquility where you want to stay as long as possible. This is possible on a 2-day tour, where you will see the full cycle of life: from its inception at dawn on the summit of the active Batur volcano to its completion in the mystical 'village of the dead' Trunyan. Your cozy and modern hotel is located near the trek's starting point, allowing you to rest better before climbing and not waste time and energy on a long journey.
In this tour, you will learn about the traditional process of burying the ancient Balinese Aga people in the mystical 'village of the dead' Trunyan. The road to the Balinese hermits passes through the picturesque Batur mountain lake on a boat with a local guide. Here, the clouds descend from the mountains onto the water, making the atmosphere even more mysterious.
You will also find incredible photo locations in one of the most Instagrammable places in Bali - the Alas Harum Bali landscape park. This is where you can take one of the most popular photos in Bali - soaring above the rice terraces and jungles on a swing with the dress fluttering in the wind.
Finish the tour with a relaxing bath in hot springs. The water in the pools and baths is heated by the volcano - just what you need after a morning climb. A comfortable journey with mesmerizing views and mystical places awaits you!
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