In a van around Bali. Rental of a minibus, campgrounds, and parking spots.

Lately, many friends and acquaintances have been renting minibuses for independent trips around Bali. You can embark on a romantic journey around the island as a couple or with family, or even with a large group of friends by renting multiple vans.
Here are a few advantages of traveling by minibus in Bali:
Freedom and flexibility: You can create your own itinerary and take your friends and loved ones on the trip. You can stop anywhere you find something interesting and explore the island at your own pace.
Compactness: The van will carry everything you need, making it a convenient option for those who want to bring camping gear, food, and other essentials.
Uniqueness and romanticism of the journey: Rent garlands and hang them around the perimeter of the bus, light a bonfire, wrap yourself in a blanket, and enjoy tea while gazing at the starry sky. Wake up with a magnificent view of a volcano or the ocean, prepare breakfast on a portable stove, and take your time.


In Bali, there are several companies that provide van rentals. Typically, the cost includes bedding, kitchen utensils, and electricity. When renting a minivan, you also get your own sleeping space, as the rear seats can be transformed into a full bed, which saves you money on hotel accommodation.
If you're tired of the standard hotel and beach club vacations, it's definitely worth embarking on a journey across the island in a 'home on wheels' and exploring new places. We've gathered a few camper rental firms and companies that offer outdoor equipment for rent (tents, sleeping bags, portable stoves, gas, etc.).
There's also an option to rent garlands, which adds an atmosphere to the journey."

Bali Campers

Sleeping space (120*200 bed) and bedding.
Shower and sink.
Kitchen utensils.
More information on website 
Reservation phone: +6282146798100


The company offers several options for campervan sizes.
Dolphins Van.
Donut Van
Humble Van 
Promises to accommodate up to three adults + a child.
Included in the rental:
Foldable bed for two people (+2 pillows, sheet, and blanket).
Portable gas stove (gas not included).
Kitchen utensils (pan, pot, cutting board, knives, etc.).
Dining utensils (plates, bowls, fork, spoon, etc.).
Additional 100 Ah VRLA battery.
USB charger.
Water supply.
25 liters of tap water.
Cost: starting from 525k Indonesian Rupiah per day, depending on the type of van.
Reservation phone: +63 811 3861 113

Bali Camper Van

Air conditioning (in the main cabin and rear cabin).
Seats in the main cabin transform into a queen-size bed (160x180 cm).
Accommodates up to 6 people: 2 in the front and 4 in the back.
Queen-size bedding (160*180).
Sleeping bag (sized 140*180, can be used as a cover).
LED lights (for reading and outside).
Sound system.
Portable USB LED light (three functions: flashlight, ambient light, hanging light).
Portable refrigerator.

CAMPING EQUIPMENT RENTAL: tents, sleeping bags, portable stoves

Meranggi Camp Bali

Contact phone: +62 8311404 8089

Karangasem Camping

Contact phone: +62 87762926330

CAMPING LOCATIONS with a van and tents

If you're planning to rent a van for several days, you can follow this night plan: on the first night, stay on the black sand beach Keramas (30 minutes from Ubud).
Next, head towards Virgin Beach, set up camp on a cliff with a magnificent ocean view.
From Virgin Beach, head to Kintamani to Mount Batur volcano and stop by the Tirta Gangga water palace along the way, then camp in the van with a view of the lake.
From Kintamani, head towards Bedugul to explore waterfalls (such as Munduk and Melanting Waterfall) and vegetable plantations. Be sure to allocate time for a stroll in the Botanic Garden and for harvesting strawberries. Location: Strawberry Farm.
Lastly, head towards Canggu, where you can spend the night by the ocean in a van or at the comfortable Bali Beach Glamping.

Keramas Beach Camping Ground and Waroeng

Cost: 100,000 IDR for van parking, maximum two adults.
Amenities: bathrooms with showers; WiFi; water; firewood (6k per bundle); grill with charcoal (12k).

Virgin Beach Camping

Campervan parking cost: 60k per person per camp
+ 10k per person for park entry ticket.
Available for tourists:
Restrooms with showers.
Water tank filling stations.
Wi-Fi near the office.
Small restaurant/shop.
Firewood for sale (20k, they will deliver it to the van).
At Virgin Beach, there are also 4 lovely beachfront bungalows available for overnight stays. 
The bungalows are quite simple - inside, there's only a mattress, pillows, and an electrical outlet. Shared facilities include a toilet and shower. They provide two towels, complimentary beach loungers, and a welcome drink. After sunset, you can light a bonfire.
There's no kitchen, but you can order something from the local warung (small eatery). The menu offers Indonesian and European dishes. We didn't find this type of dining suitable, so we brought an electric stove with gas canisters and cooked breakfasts and lunches on it. We also brought coffee makers, a pot for grains, a pan, and cutlery from home.
In advance, you can choose the bungalows located on the right side when facing the ocean. It's from these bungalows that you'll experience magnificent sunrises and sunsets.
Cost - 350k.
Reservation phone: +62 8112630099

Camping in the crater of Mount Batur

Camping on Mount Batur is a great idea for van accommodation. Camping on Mount Batur is quite popular, with most of them located along the ridge, making them somewhat challenging to access. Moreover, they're about a 30-minute drive from the starting point along some rough roads.
There are no official campsites in this area, but the company Bali Campers collaborates with a local guy who manages a small eco-accommodation in this region. You can park your campervan in a beautiful little spot near his house. Getting to this charming spot is easy. Here, you can use the bathrooms in a nearby room. And if you're planning a hike up Mount Batur, your guide will come directly to the van to pick you up around 4 in the morning and drive you to the trailhead, which is about a five-minute drive away.
There are bathrooms with showers, good cell signal, but no Wi-Fi.
Accommodation cost: 50k for campervan parking.

Glamour Camping Bedugul

The camping site is located by the lake in the Bedugul area. They have a small glamping area with tents and a parking spot for campervans.
Shared toilets, bathrooms, showers with hot water.
Water for campervan refilling.
Firewood for sale (30k for good quality, they will also assist you in starting the fire).
Small shop with snacks and water (cookies, chips, etc.).
Accommodation cost in the sphere: 400k per night.
The van parking spot is located next to a beautiful small relaxation area on the edge of the lake.
Cost of campervan parking - 80k per van plus 20k per person.
Phone: +62 813-3915-7886

Mandha Scene Camping Ground

Camping with a stunning view.
Amenities include shower, toilet, water, and electricity.
Phone: +62 87863207984

Tirta Bhuwana Camping Ground And Farm

A magical camping site in the clouds overlooking the Singaraja area. Here, you can set up camp, light a bonfire, pick vegetables straight from the garden, and enjoy the tranquility and views of the place.

Kedungu Beach Parking Area

This is the location of a beach parking area in the Canggu area.
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