The Power of Presence

Jimbaran • Radiantly Alive
Mar 6, from 11:00 to 14:00
Jl. Jembawan No.3, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
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Sufficiency is closer than you think We live in a world of constant activity. Our minds are often busy with tasks, goals and problem solving.
Even here in Ubud, we are constantly busy striving for personal and spiritual growth. This busyness often leaves little room for true presence—to rest in the here and now, to feel at peace with yourself, and to connect with others.
What if the feelings of lack and longing we experience stem not from what we don't have, but from who we think we should be? What if true transformation comes not from doing more, but from being more? What if it's about presence?
Through the power of presence we reconnect with our essence. We understand that we are – and always have been – fundamentally whole and perfect at our core. Wholeness is not something to be achieved, but something to be revealed.

Sufficiency is not something to be acquired, but something to be remembered. Join us for an immersive three-hour workshop where we will develop presence through embodied exercises, authentic connection games, and heart connections.

Through authentic partner and small group communication exercises, group circles and embodied practices, you will: • Bring your nervous system into a grounded, calm state. • Connect more deeply with your emotions and behavior patterns. • Express your true self, even if it's scary. • Listen carefully, with empathy and understanding. Leave the hustle and bustle behind. Drop the mask of who you think you should be. Enter a sacred space where you can feel seen, heard and accepted for who you are. Because you are already whole. Let go of who you think you should be. Relax and realize who you are. Discover that sufficiency is closer than you imagined. Wholeness is closer than you think. Presence is the way. “These sessions gave me a feeling of freedom and coming home to myself, to who I am and what I want. And I can honestly say that they changed my life. I feel more connected, more calm, more embodied.” ~ Lisa “The space that Vicks creates feels so welcoming and warm. I think it's a great way to experiment with expressing yourself in different ways, being more in tune with your body, processing your emotions, and feeling truly connected to others, all while having a lot of fun.” ~ Debbie From the very beginning, Vix made us feel like we were in good hands, in a safe place. I have learned so much about myself in such a short period of time and have acquired a collection of tools that I can start using instantly! Fantastic, educational session!” ~Richard “I had a wonderful experience. I feel like I have become more human through the session. The compassionate warmth and humanity I experienced with Vicks was amazing for me at a time when I really needed it.” ~ Andrea BENEFITS: • Learn to calm and ground your nervous system by entering a state of calm. • Develop skills to deal with your emotions and inner patterns through self-compassion. • Gain confidence in vulnerable expression of your authentic self. • Improve your ability to listen to others with compassion and care. • Experience a sense of belonging through heartfelt connections to community. • Feel seen, heard and accepted for who you are. • Remember that satisfaction comes from self-acceptance, not self-improvement. • Acquire tools and techniques to develop presence in daily life. • Experience more joy, satisfaction and connection with all of life. DATES AND TIMES March 6 | 14.00 - 17:00 PRICE Regular price: 450,000 IDR Early bird price: 300,000 IDR | Valid until March 3rd. About VIX Vicks Anderton is a certified somatic coach, true relationship facilitator, and menstruation mentor. Her work is based on providing resources and regulation to the nervous system to help people connect to the medicine of their rhythms and cycles. She strives to help people embody their innate wisdom and power by reconnecting them with their natural flow, intelligence and creativity. She is an advocate for using the principles of embodiment, circular living, and authentic relating to help rebellious perfectionists manage their energy and emotions to boldly build more sustainable and authentic ways of being. She is the author of Enough: An Imperfect Antidote to Perfectionism.

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