Pandawa Beach

Open 24/7, no days off
Type of place
A beach with white sand, cliffs, statues, sunbed rentals, and spots for swimming and paddling.
The main peak is far to the left of the channel. Go to the very left end, then head left, swim through the channel, and keep paddling left. It's a powerful and good quality left-hand wave, but can be dangerous with strong suction. The reef below is very shallow. Don't go there when it's big if you're not confident. Sometimes there's a right-hand wave, but it's not as good.
The crowd size is average. The level of surfers is high, and competition is quite tough. There's often a current towards Payung. There's also a peak to the right of the channel, mostly right-hand waves which are simpler but not as good. Tide is best from mid to high. Entrance to the beach area is paid. The beach at Pandawa (only on the right! not on the left where the channel is) is very beautiful and swimmable at mid and high tides. There are board rentals, but I don't recommend learning there, at least not for the first few sessions. From there, you can walk further to Payung at low tide.