USAT Liberty Shipwreck and Coral Garden

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See the vibrant corals, fish, and the sunken ship in Tulamben
Tulamben is probably the most famous spot among divers in Bali. It's where the American military ship sank while passing through the Lombok Strait during World War II.
The wreck lies at 30 meters, with parts accessible only to advanced divers, but the upper part is just 5 meters deep. When the water is clear, the ship can be seen from the surface. Today, these wreck remnants are an artificial reef, completely covered with living, healthy corals.
Tulamben's economy heavily depends on the diving industry, so locals have agreed not to fish near the wreck, resulting in a significant increase in fish population. The ship is right by Tulamben beach. For your first time, we recommend hiring a guide. Getting there: from Denpasar airport and Kuta, Tulamben is a 3-3.5 hour drive, depending on traffic. Private transfer to Tulamben costs around 500,000 IDR per car. If you don't plan to stay in Tulamben, you can join a day tour, but note that the area around the ship can be crowded with snorkelers when tourist buses arrive.