Type of place
Tempakultura is a creative space: a café with a banquet hall, a shop, and a cozy coworking area. There is a corner where they sell merchandise clothing, beautiful stationery, and ceramic items. The café prices are low: dishes range from 39k to 59k, cappuccino is 30k.
Such a place will definitely appeal to creative people: designers, architects, artists, photographers, and writers. Exhibitions and other events related to creative fields are often held here. At Tempakultura, visitors seeking creative outlets or inspiration can attend a series of weekly workshops on various topics, where they frequently hold popular masterclasses. Visitors can look forward to candle making, illustration, paper crafting, ceramics, perfumery, and macrame workshops.
This charming venue boasts a bright, naturally lit space, ideal for hosting multisensory exhibitions, installations, and entertainment halls. The hall is equipped with track lighting and rails to showcase artworks, suitable for professional gallery viewings. The white interior façade of the hall also provides an ideal setting for digital projections that can be displayed on multiple walls and ceilings.