The Tempekan Heritage

Open 24/7, no days off
Type of place
A small coworking space within a complex featuring a guesthouse and café. In the Pechatu area, it's the only workspace available.
Beautiful grounds with a lawn, pool, pond, and fountains. The café offers good food with a variety of options at mid-range prices. Attentive and polite staff, though sometimes a bit slow.
The coworking space itself is a separate small building. Inside, there are tables with office chairs arranged around the perimeter.
There are a few more spots in another open area right at the entrance to the complex.
The chairs are office-style and comfortable, and the private meeting room has a large rectangular table.
The interior features a Balinese country style with wall drawings and paintings. It's traditional, bright, and cheerful.
A 4-hour pass costs 85,000 IDR, and a full day costs 150,000 IDR. This includes one drink of choice, pool access, water, and a 10% discount at the café.