Sushi Tei Sidewalk Jimbaran

Type of place
A popular Japanese restaurant not only in Bali but also in Jakarta.
The chain is located in the Sidewalk Mall in Jimbaran and offers its visitors quality dishes and top-notch service. These are the main criteria that form the special philosophy of the establishment.
The spacious premises allow for large celebrations, joyful family gatherings, or lively corporate events. The cozy atmosphere is created by soft furniture and wooden tables, while ceiling lights provide soft lighting.
Visitors can use power outlets to charge gadgets and enjoy free internet. If you crave something exotic, this is exactly what you need.
Here you will be treated to delicious sushi prepared using classic and unique recipes. Beautiful menu, tasty drinks, rolls. There are private booths for a secluded rest.
Guests claim that the staff in this establishment is qualified. Many visitors consider the prices to be moderate. The average bill per person is 140k - 175k. Taxes and fees amount to 11 percent.