Type of place
There is a Japanese pastry shop.


Itsumo is a unique in its kind confectionery cafe.
It would seem that what else to surprise visitors and residents of Bali? When from every corner there are signs of various restaurants and cafes with countless variations of cuisines. Itsumo Pastry Shop, however, has managed to make its mark on the island's gastronomic paradise.
Naomi San, who once came from Japan, met the founder of Itsumo Cafe by chance and together they created incredible desserts and instantly implemented them into their production. For several years now, Itsumo Cafe has been offering a small but refined and exquisite assortment of tarts to its guests. The highlight is in the composition. Unfortunately, the secrets of production are not publicized, but we were told that the basis of some tarts is fermented miso (paste), which is prepared by hand.
The tars are small in size, quite simple in design, but the taste...the taste is so unusual that we're sure you'll want to try all the variations until you find your favorite.
For lovers of beautiful photography, the cafe's design and serving of desserts will be more of a plus than ever. It's worth noting that there really isn't much space inside, and at times the line for the cafe can start outside. But rest assured, the wait is worth it.