Dharma Phala Pool

Type of place
Opening hours: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Google Maps incorrectly states 7:00 PM).
Price: 20,000 rupiahs.
50-meter pool in Kerobokan, 15 minutes from Berawa. Lane dividers are available but only set up for competitions, so you'll have to navigate using the markings on the pool floor. Depth is 1.2 meters.
Good water temperature, no chlorine smell. Crowded during the day as Balinese teenagers train here.
For very young swimmers, there are 2 kiddie pools.
Communicating in English will be difficult. There are changing rooms, lockers, and toilets.
At the exit, there's a café with local food and fresh juices. Large parking area in front of the pool.