Balian Beach

Open 24/7, no days off
Type of place
It's a cozy surf spot beach.
Known as a swell-magnet, it always has good waves.
There are several wave peaks outside the bay, which are more pronounced and gentle, making them difficult for small boards. There are both left and right waves, with the right one also offering good conditions. Inside the bay, there's a left wave, sharper and faster, perfect for shortboards.
However, it's worth noting that a river flows near the spot, and after rain, the water can get dirty. Therefore, it’s recommended to check the weather forecast before going. This place is popular among visitors, so the number of people can vary greatly, from a few to many.
For the best experience, it's recommended to come early in the morning, as it can get windy during the day. The spot works in almost any tide, but when the surf is above 6-7 feet, conditions can become unstable, leading to breaking waves and strong washout.
It’s also worth mentioning the right wave beyond the river, which can offer decent conditions when there's no wind. The distance to Balian from Kuta is about an hour and a half drive.