Yogika Cahaya Melasti

Russian sauna in Amed. Interestingly, this sauna features a window in the wall that provides a view of the fields and Mount Agung. You can not only enjoy a good steam but also savor the breathtaking views, as Agung can be truly beautiful. Additionally, there's a yoga center, a pull-up bar, billiards, and a rule (a type of traditional Indonesian board game). Towels, caps, showers, and a pool are included. The kitchen menu offers various dishes, including toast, cottage cheese, syrniki (pancakes), borscht, and pancakes.
The cost of a bungalow per day is 300,000 Rupiahs, and if you're deeply enamored with Amed and decide to stay for a month, the bungalow will cost you six million Rupiahs. For a single visit to the sauna, the cost starts from 500,000 Rupiahs if there are five or fewer people. For more people, an additional fee of 100,000 Rupiahs per person applies. There's also a shared sauna session available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, costing only 100,000 Rupiahs per person.
WhatsApp: 081935955067.
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