Where to eat in Kuala Lumpur?

If you're traveling to Kuala Lumpur and worried about not finding familiar food, your concerns are unfounded. Perhaps the most well-known food blogger in Bali has prepared a selection of establishments where the food and atmosphere will be just as good as on your favorite island of the Gods.
This list will be especially interesting for those who are visiting the Malaysian capital not for the first time and don't plan to dine on the touristy Jalan Alor. The compilation includes eight of the most delicious, stylish, and cozy places: Arabic and European cuisine, breakfasts and lunch! 
For convenience, the price range is indicated in Indonesian Rupiahs.

Samad Al Iraqi Restaurant 4.7⭐️

Opening hours: 11:30 - 23:45
Average bill: 100-200k
Middle Eastern cuisine restaurant, friendly staff, and a cozy hall.
Large portions, but some dishes might be a bit heavy on spices and sauces. Nevertheless, if you love meat, kebabs, hummus, etc., this place is a direct road to satisfaction!

LOKL Coffee Co 4.4⭐️

Opening hours: 08:00-17:00
Average bill: 80-100k.
A cozy establishment with a wide selection of dishes and pleasant prices. Large portions, especially praised for breakfasts and desserts. Main dishes are hearty, and there's also an option for takeout. Attentive staff and a relaxed atmosphere make this place inviting.

JV Bistro 4.8⭐️

Opening hours: 09:00-22:00
Average bill: 60-100k.
Arabic and Indian cuisine, incredibly tasty, hearty, and large dishes. Excellent service, friendly staff! A wide selection of menu items and drinks. The atmosphere in the establishment is warm and friendly; this place won't leave anyone indifferent!

VCR 4.4⭐️

Opening hours: 08:30-20:00
Average bill: 100-150k.
A pleasant establishment with tasty breakfasts, large and hearty portions. A small menu but with a worthy kitchen. Fast and good service. This cafe is perfect for breakfasts or just to enjoy aromatic coffee with pastries!

Tapestry 4.1⭐️

Opening hours: 08:30-16:30 (until 17:30 on Sat/Sun)
Average bill: 100-150k.
A good and atmospheric cafe with various desserts and pastries. Sometimes there are queues, but they are worth it! Friendly and welcoming staff. A wide menu and drinks selection await you!

Kooky Plate 4.4⭐️

Opening hours: 09:00-22:00 (from 09:00 on Sat/Sun)
Average bill: 100-150k.
Beautiful Instagrammable breakfasts, a very pleasant place, friendly staff, and a cozy atmosphere. It can get crowded on weekends, but the service is fast. Delicious dishes and generous portions. Nice touch with serving water, also a wide selection of desserts!

After One KL 4.6⭐️

Opening hours: 09:00-22:00 (until 18:00 on Mon/until 15:00 on Sun)
Average bill: 80-100k.
An excellent establishment with a wide menu, pleasant prices, and hearty portions. Polite staff, all dishes are tasty and aesthetic. A favorite of all visitors is breakfast! Despite being a coffee shop, you can have an incredibly delicious dinner here.
Regarding Benedict - it was very tender and flavorful, which surprised us. However, the portion was a bit small, and the praised coffee - delightful!

ParaThai @ Suria KLCC 4.7⭐️

Opening hours: 11:00-22:00
Average bill: 150-200k.
A Thai cuisine restaurant with an extensive menu, but an above-average check. Attentive staff and a comfortable atmosphere. The food quality is top-notch; portion size depends on the dish. We highly recommend trying the tom yum, it has a rich taste! Everything here is delicious and aromatic!
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