Where are the most beautiful sunsets in Bali?

As you know, the island of Bali is famous for its stunning sunsets. For many in Bali, watching the sky over the ocean fill with the rays of the setting sun has become an integral part of the day, a kind of tradition. It is important to choose the right place and time. If everything is simple with time - sunset starts at about 18.30, then I would like to tell you about the places in more detail. Here are a few of my favorite sunset spots:
Tegal Wangi Beach
Clearing in Uluwatu
This is perhaps my favorite sunset spot. The clearing is located within the Uluwatu Temple grounds. You'll need to pay an entrance fee of 20,000 rupiahs, but it's well worth it.
You can dangle your feet over the cliff and watch as the sun sinks into the ocean, with waves crashing against the rocks.
Beach in Kuta
Despite the large number of people, I enjoy watching sunsets on the beach in Kuta.
The sun sets directly into the ocean here. After the sunset, you can take a stroll through the liveliest streets of the island or, for example, go to the cinema.
Balangan Beach
I recommend visiting this beach not only during sunset. Swimming might be challenging here, but it's fascinating to observe the surfers, and the view from above is truly beautiful.
Single Fin
Restaurant and club in Uluwatu. A very convenient and beautiful place to enjoy sunsets right on the cliff above the famous surf spot.
I definitely recommend it to everyone!
Restaurant El Kabron
A famous cool Spanish restaurant with a beach club and a swimming pool right on the cliff in Bukit.
Amed, a diving village in eastern Bali. Excellent sunsets, the peculiarity of which is the sun setting behind Agung.
Fish restaurants in Jimbaran
The seafood restaurants are right on the beach. This is a favorite spot among tourists to enjoy the sunset during a seafood dinner.
Balian Beach
If you happen to be there, you definitely need to catch the sunset! It's a delightful and romantic spot!
By the way, throughout the year, the sunset point shifts slightly along the horizon.
For example, during the winter months (November-February), from Balangan and Jimbaran beaches, you won't be able to see the complete sunset because the sun will set behind the cliff. However, in the summer months (May-September), you can track the sun all the way to the ocean while being in the middle of the beach.
It's also good to know that in Bali, the sunset time only shifts slightly throughout the year - approximately by 40 minutes, from 6:10 PM to 6:50 PM.
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