What you need to know if you want to rent a villa in Bali. Interview with DomNaBali

Many tourists, when vacationing in Bali, prefer to stay not in regular hotels but in luxurious villas. We decided to inquire about the advantages of this option and how to safely book a villa from Frida Ekavati, an employee of the agency "DomNaBali."
Is there any advantage to renting a villa? After all, Bali has so many cool hotels!
Certainly, there are many advantages:
1. Private Territory: Villas in Bali have their own territory with a separate entrance that cannot be accessed by outsiders. You will feel calm and comfortable there.
2. Private Pool:  You will have your own pool where you can take a dip right after waking up or organize a small party with friends.
3. Cost-Effective for Groups: If you are traveling to Bali with a large group, a villa is what you need. Villas can be rented for less money than hotel rooms. You'll be living together with friends, without strangers, in comfortable conditions with the same service as in hotels.
4. Spacious Common Areas: In addition to bedrooms with bathrooms, villas offer larger common areas with a kitchen, living room, garden, and pool.
5. Barbecue Facilities:  Many villas have a barbecue, and you can cook delicious and fresh seafood and fish right at your villa. You can have barbecue parties almost every day.
6.  Luxury Experience: Even the fanciest hotel can't beat a luxurious villa, and there are already many such villas in Bali.
7. Local Atmosphere:  It's on a villa that you can better feel the relaxed and unhurried atmosphere of the island. In the evenings, you return not to a hotel but to your home, where you'll meet only the people you like.
Renting a villa in Bali offers a more personalized and intimate experience compared to staying in a hotel.
Tell us very briefly about your company?
Since 2009, we have been accommodating our guests in villas and apartments on the island. Now our database includes more than 700 villas in different areas of Bali, and we are constantly updating and expanding our database.
We try to make our guests' stay more comfortable and help them in different situations.
We also provide additional discounts and gifts - thus, it is more profitable for our guests to conclude a rental agreement through us than directly with the owners of the villas.
To understand whether you can trust a real estate agency for villa rentals in Bali, tourists should consider the following:
1. Guest Reviews: Check reviews from previous guests. The experiences of other tourists can provide insights into the agency's reliability.
2. Villa Portfolio:  Examine the villa listings on the agency's website. The variety and quality of villas showcased can indicate the agency's experience in the field.
3. Real Photos: Pay attention to real photos of the villas. If the agency only provides artistic or edited images, request actual photos, especially for budget options, to avoid disappointment upon arrival.
4.  Official Registration:  Verify that the agency is officially registered in Indonesia. Requesting the company's documents can help ensure its legitimacy.
The process of villa booking typically involves a 50% prepayment before check-in, with the remaining 50% paid upon arrival. However, some villas now require full payment before check-in to safeguard against sudden cancellations, especially during peak seasons. These are the standard villa rules, and they are generally non-negotiable.
Private villas may be more flexible and agree to a 50% payment upon arrival. Conditions vary, and negotiations with villa owners can sometimes lead to payment installment options if guests don't have the full amount in cash but guarantee to make the prepayment soon.
Villas accept prepayments in either dollars or the local currency. Bank commissions, usually around 3-4% of the payment amount, are incurred by tourists when sending money. A contract is signed with the tourist, and simultaneously, an agreement is made with the villa owner, outlining the rental conditions and strict cancellation policies. As intermediaries between tourists and villa owners, agencies strive to consider the interests of both parties.
The information about villas on our agency's website is reliable. To ensure accuracy, we personally visit each villa featured on the site. This practice is crucial to prevent any issues for arriving tourists. If a villa doesn't match the photos on the website, we take real photos and update the site accordingly.
The satisfaction of both the villa owner and the tour operator is important. Ensuring that guests are happy and willing to return to Bali and recommend the villa to others is a shared goal.
If there are doubts about the accuracy of the photos, it's advisable to request real photos or videos from the tour operator for confirmation.
What to do if you are placed in the wrong villa? You booked one villa, but in the end, you were placed in another.
This happens very rarely, but we always prioritize the guests in such cases. If, for some reason, the villa owner provides a different villa, it should be better and come with bonuses such as a complimentary massage or excursion. The goal is to ensure that guests have only the best memories of their vacation.
In turn, we enter into agreements with villa owners that include strict cancellation rules, so villa owners are not interested in unforeseen situations.
What to do if something breaks during your stay at the villa? Who to contact?
Villa owners respond quickly to breakdowns and issues on the premises, making efforts to resolve problems promptly. Communication with the owner occurs through your tour operator in English.
Guests are also responsible for the villa's property. Villa owners take a monetary deposit of 300-500 USD (depending on the villa), which is refunded upon check-out.
What is usually included in the villa rental price? Cleaning, internet, electricity, water, etc.
All standard services, such as cleaning, internet, electricity, pool maintenance, linen change, taxes, and service fees, are already included in the cost of our villas. Additionally, some villas may include extra services in the price, such as breakfast, chef services, or a car with a driver.
When booking a villa, guests should pay attention to the included tax, which can reach 20%, and some villas may mention it in small print. It is important to be aware of this to avoid surprises during the villa payment.
How far in advance is it better to book a villa? Can you find a decent option a month before arrival, or should good villas be booked six months in advance?
Certainly, the earlier you book a villa, the more good options can be offered, especially during the high season. However, you can find a suitable option even a month before arrival; it depends on luck and the professionalism of the tour operator.
Often, the best deals are available at the last minute, with hosts offering discounts and bonuses. But during the high season, it's better not to take risks. The high season in Bali includes the Christmas holidays from December 20 to January 10-15, the European Easter (3 days before and after), the Chinese New Year (3 days before and after), and the period from June to September. The peak season coincides with the New Year and August.
Which areas in Bali are the most popular for villa rentals?
It all depends on the guests, their interests, and what they want from their vacation.
Families with children prefer quiet areas with a calm ocean, such as Nusa Dua, Sanur, and Jimbaran.
For those who love beautiful landscapes and the ocean, areas like Canggu and Bukit are suitable.
But the most popular area is undoubtedly Seminyak. Here, the infrastructure is well-developed, with restaurants, cafes, spa salons, shops, surfing schools for beginners, and clubs—all conveniently located. It's well-connected, and it's easy to reach other areas and beaches by taxi.
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