We ship freights/containers from Indonesia

Hi, friends! We are Cargo Indonesia Group company, we regularly ship prefabricated containers from Bali to Asian and European countries. You can join your cargo!

The service includes:

  • Basic quality control of goods at your supplier;
  • Collection of your shipments from suppliers from all over Indonesia;
  • Consolidation and storage in the warehouse;
  • Quality packaging of your cargo;
  • Paperwork on the Indonesian side, customs procedures;
  • Shipment of cargoes to the country you need both in a prefabricated container and in a containerized batch;
  • Customs clearance and certification in the country;
  • Work on dropshipping;
  • Shipment to the desired location within the country;
  • Shipment of cargo by rail to the station and, if desired, delivery to the door by courier service.
The cost depends on the type of your cargo, material, volume and destination.
We work officially with the conclusion of the contract.
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