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“Oh, what a cute table, I want one like that for my apartment” — you’ve probably exclaimed while strolling down a street full of craftsmen in Ubud. And then forgot about it, not even realizing that shipping an exclusive item to another continent is much easier than it seems. 
We learned how to send a liked item home or set up deliveries for business from Alex Vimana, co-founder of Cargo Indonesia Group. 
What can be sent from Indonesia? What is it famous for besides the ocean and fried rice? 
Right now, there are coffee shortages worldwide, but Indonesia is very interesting in this regard as it has plenty of coffee. There is a huge selection of natural cosmetics here. A vast amount of palm oil is produced, which is used globally. There are also spare parts that, for example, are in short supply in some countries due to restrictions. Hence, there is a huge demand for them. 
And, of course, Indonesia is a country with many types of wood, very high-quality and premium, which are valued worldwide. For example, the wood used for floors on the most expensive yachts in the world and ebony veneers. Due to the abundance of teak wood, the country produces a lot of teak furniture. Therefore, those who visit Indonesia see these incredibly beautiful tables, chairs, and decorative items — and the first thought is, “How do I get this home?” Some go even further and think about how to set up deliveries of such furniture to their country. 
What should you pay attention to if you want Indonesian exclusives? 
The most popular items are teak furniture and decorations. Tables, chairs, cabinets, beds. But I must say that in Indonesia, everything is made in a specific style — most often it's Boho or Wabi-Sabi. Tables can be in “live edge” style from slabs. And all this is actually interesting to ship, the demand in many countries is huge.
You can also find many art objects made from the same valuable woods. A multitude of craftsmen create sculptures. There is unique petrified wood here, which is 5 to 40 million years old! Initially, it was organic wood, but then it crystallized and turned into stone.  
What makes teak furniture interesting for the mass buyer? 
First of all, it is beautiful. Secondly, it lasts very long. Teak is not eaten by bugs, it withstands different temperatures well, so it can serve well in various climates. Indonesians are very immersed in furniture fashion, they follow trends and Italian designers. They constantly update their collections. So Indonesian teak furniture is not only very high quality but also truly fashionable. 
Is any furniture suitable for export? 
Absolutely not! You need to understand this. In Indonesia, there is a lot of non-dried furniture, and when we bring it to our climate, which is very different from the Indonesian one, this furniture just cracks. Then you need to spend a fortune on its restoration and repair. Therefore, expertise is essential, ideally from logisticians or those who already have experience. 
In the time we've been sending such cargo, we've learned to distinguish and can say exactly what is worth exporting and what is not. 
So, you can even advise on what to purchase for shipping? 
Exactly! Very often, clients come to us, having bought a table in Ubud, wanting to send it home. We say: “Guys, we will pack and ship it, easy. But this wood is wet, it will crack. Let us suggest options that will make you happy and last for many years after the shipment.” And people thank us later for participating, and advising, rather than just making a quick buck. 
What types of shipping do you offer? 
We offer two types of transportation - air and sea freight, in containers. We handle everything “turnkey”. That is, a person simply hands us their cargo, and we deliver it “door to door”. Moreover, we can even collect all the goods planned for shipping from stores and warehouses across the island. 
The client doesn’t need to worry about logistics or customs; we handle all these issues.
How is the shipping cost calculated? 
It's quite transparent. We have a rate based on volume and weight. Usually, one cubic meter in a consolidated container costs $500. Customs clearance - $3.5 per kilogram.
What about delivery times? 
The transit time we usually inform clients is 2-2.5 months from the moment of shipment. 
Are there any special features of logistics from Indonesia? 
There aren't any major special features. Well, except that Bali is tens of thousands of kilometers from European cities. It's a very long distance, quite challenging, involving many “transfers”. We have achieved highly efficient coordination at each stage. Our specialists have dealt with all the nuances of documents in each country involved in our logistics chain. 
What is the most difficult part of this chain? 
Indonesian mentality, which like any mentality, has its own peculiarities. Anyone who has worked with them knows that conversation and finding an approach to them is half the success. We found common ground and taught them how to pack goods according to international standards.
Why do those who decide to do business with Indonesian goods come to you? 
Our main value is experience. We have been doing logistics from Indonesia for 8 years. Our company has shipped more than 80 containers of various cargoes. We don’t just help with documents, loading, unloading, and support, but we can also tell you whether a particular cargo is suitable for shipping or not, its quality, and how it will behave in a different climate. Other logistics companies usually don’t go into this; their main goal is to pack and ship. 
Are there any items prohibited for export from Bali?
Yes, they have an equivalent to our Red List. For example, rosewood is prohibited for export from Indonesia. Unprocessed wood, what we call lumber, cannot be exported. It has to be a finished product. But I can say that there are nuances in the paperwork, knowing which you can ship almost everything legally, without restrictions. Except for weapons, drugs, etc., which are prohibited worldwide. 
Three main tips for those who decide to ship goods from Indonesia?
Thoroughly check the quality. If you’re having something custom-made at a factory, don’t hesitate to visit and check if everything meets your expectations. Check the moisture content if it’s furniture or wood products. And choose the right logisticians who will assist at all stages. 
For our part, with our vast experience, we check all documents thoroughly. Indonesians are quite relaxed in this regard.
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