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We are sharing the story of another client with an ambitious task - to create an interior using furniture and decor from Indonesia while making the most efficient use of the budget. What did we achieve in the end? Read our new case!

The Challenge

A businessman from a European country approached us with a challenging task: to procure a large shipment of furniture and decor for his business. He planned to open a new comfortable hotel on the Black Sea coast. The main feature of the hotel would be its design and ambiance, reflecting the spirit of Bali. Therefore, he needed to procure eco-furniture and decor directly from Indonesia to truly capture the enchanting atmosphere of Bali.
The client was looking for a logistics company partner that could help procure large volumes of furniture from Indonesia and successfully deliver them to his warehouse in the capital. Moreover, since the purchases were planned in large quantities, the entrepreneur was interested in the most financially advantageous offers.

Our Solution

Step 1:
Personal Meeting
Our client was physically based in Bali at the time, so we took this opportunity and organized an individual meeting between our representative and the client to clarify the requirements. During the meeting, we were able to discuss all the details: timelines, budgets, types of products, and so on. We agreed to collaborate and proceeded to search for the required interior items.
Step 2:
Product Search
Over the course of a month, our team searched for and coordinated all the requested items. Cargo Indonesia Group experts collaborated with the interior designer and architect of the future hotel, making the search more productive and speeding up the approval of the objects.
Step 3:
Product Procurement
Once all the necessary decor and furniture items were selected and approved, the next step was procuring the goods. The client made payments both through Cargo Indonesia Group and independently but constantly consulted with us regarding furniture suppliers. This resulted in impressive cost savings and efficient allocation of our client's budget!
For example, a console made of Teak roots from a popular supplier in Bali costs around 3.5-4 million Indonesian Rupiahs ($215-250) per console. However, we found a supplier for our client offering these consoles at a cost of 1.8-2 million Indonesian Rupiahs ($110-125). Thus, we saved the client's budget for purchasing these furniture items at least by half.

In the end, including delivery and customs clearance, the final cost of one console was around $375-430. It is worth noting that in popular online stores in that country offering Indonesian furniture for purchase, the cost of such a console has already increased to $1950-2150. Therefore, by cooperating with us, the client obtained the most advantageous offer on the market, fully satisfying their needs and goals.
The process was similarly executed for other furniture and interior items. We selected all the necessary furniture at the optimal price range, from slabs perfectly suitable for the weather conditions they will be used in, to coffee tables, bedside tables, and decor. As a result, with the help of Cargo Indonesia Group, the client managed to reduce the expenses for furniture purchases by more than half.
Step 4
Collection and delivery of cargo
When all the necessary goods had been purchased, we collected all the elements of the order in our warehouse. The entire shipment was carefully and efficiently packed and then shipped from Indonesia to the country of destination. Already at the point of arrival, the cargo was successfully and on time shipped to the customer's warehouse.

The Result

Despite the large order and the need to find and procure furniture and decor to furnish an entire hotel, we successfully handled this task.
Moreover, we not only managed to procure all the required decor and furniture items but also found the best price offer for each of them, significantly saving the client's budget for this project.
As for all the logistics processes, as always, they were successfully completed on time. Currently, all the furniture items are stored at the client's warehouse, awaiting installation in the hotel when the construction is completed.
For this client, as well as for many others, we once again confirmed our status as a reliable logistics partner capable of handling tasks of any volume and complexity. We are also always ready to provide consultation on the cost and suppliers of goods in Indonesia and beyond.
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