Waterfall Bertingkat in the Buleleng region

If you head north of the island past the Git Git waterfall, you'll encounter its "older and younger brothers." Bertingkat is located above Git Git. The parking area is about a hundred meters from the main road. No tickets are issued; a local family manages the parking. From there, you need to walk, although Balinese people on bikes may pass by.
The waterfall itself is quite beautiful, cascading and consisting of a series of waterfalls flowing through a picturesque canyon and jungle. But during the rainy season, the water mixes with clay, giving it an orange hue. The parking lot owners say the water became clay-like about three years ago when construction of a new central road began upstream. The earthworks exposed a large amount of clay, and rain washes it all down.
Locals mention that during the dry season, the water becomes clearer. So, one can expect a more pleasant experience here from May to October.
The canyon itself is very beautiful, and the paths are well-maintained and cared for.
Not all the water is dirty. Small streams run down the canyon walls, and the water in them is completely clean. If you wish, or if it's very hot, you can rinse off in them.
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