Visa processing to Japan

Japan is a country that will turn your world upside down!
A country of contrasts, which organically combines advanced technology and centuries-old traditions, where ultra-modern megacities neighbor with authentic provinces, and huge skyscrapers with ancient Shinto shrines. And here you can also see all the most unusual, sometimes crazy and very Japanese.
Everyone who is in love with traveling should visit Japan at least once in their life!
There are direct flights from Bali to Tokyo. The flight takes about 8 hours.
This article is relevant for those whose citizenship implies that a visa is needed to enter Japan.
If you are a KITAS holder, we can help you get a visa to Bali!
How long is the visa issued for?
- Single entry visa - for 15 days;
- Multi entry visa - for 30 days.
Corridor of entry - 90 days.
When applying for a visa to Japan, it is necessary to know:
- The visa is pasted in the passport;
- Issued in Bali;
- Bank statement from an Indonesian bank will be required;
- Business visa requires an invitation;
- Visa is issued as a Schengen. Can be denied, can change the time frame, all based on the documents that are submitted at the time of application;
- To apply for a multiple entry visa you must have been in the country at least 2 times on a single entry visa;
- Visa prices or document requirements may change at any time without notice from the consulate;
- All documents must be A4 size.
Cost of processing from Rs. 2,600,000.
Production time is up to 10 working days.
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