Two Foreign Tourists Violate Nyepi Rules

During Nyepi celebrations, Pecalang (local security officers) found two foreigners camping on Purnama beach in Sukawati (Gianyar).
The rule-breakers turned out to be a couple from Poland. When asked by the Pecalang to return to their hotel, the foreigners replied that they were budget travelers and had nowhere to stay, running out of supplies. They argued with the security officers, insisting that they were not disrupting the celebrations.
The police arrived on the scene and arrested the violators. At the station, they were offered food and water before being handed over to the immigration service, who promises to impose strict measures.
Later on, the Polish citizens planned to travel to West Nusa Tenggara and then Australia. Their Indonesian visa is valid until March 29.
As a reminder, during Nyepi, Amati Lelungan (travel ban) is enforced. Only Pecalang, police, ambulance, and other emergency services are allowed to circulate on Bali on this day. No one is permitted to go outside, and this ban must be strictly observed. Apart from the fact that leaving home on Nyepi can result in significant fines, it is also disrespectful to Bali traditions.

Foreign Tourists Violate Nyepi Rules

While Bali's Nyepi Day is boycotted by tourists, it remains a crucial time of the year to exude cultural philosophies and traditions.

Polish Citizens Violate Nyepi Rules in Bali

Two Polish tourists were arrested for violating the Nyepi regulations on Purnama Beach in Sukawati, Gianyar.
  • Do not travel on Nyepi day.
  • Be respectful of Bali's traditions and culture.
  • Observe the ban on going outdoors strictly.
  • Please obey the instructions given by the local community and authority.
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