Trip to the active volcano Ijen on the island of Java!

The Ijen volcano is located on the east of the island of Java, which can be reached by car and ferry from Bali in just a few hours. The mysterious glow of electric-blue flames, brightly yellow sulfur rocks, and the acid lake of the Ijen crater are some of Earth's most tempting and amazing sights. The volcano amazes with its unearthly landscapes! Tourists from around the world come to Java to see this wonder, and you can see it tomorrow!
We can pick you up from your hotel's reception or the entrance to your villa. We head to Gilimanuk port. The journey will take from three to four hours. You will have a mandatory stop at a cafe, where everyone can have a rest and if desired, have a snack. 
Only an hour on the ferry and you will cross the strait connecting the islands of Bali and Java. We will arrive in a small town called Banjuwangi, where Ijen is located. The road from the port to the parking lot at the foot of the volcano will take about an hour.
You will meet a professional guide who will be waiting at the parking lot, listen to the instructions, and receive masks, and flashlights. Around two in the night begins the ascent. We walk for about one and a half to two hours. To see the blue flames, we will descend directly into the volcano's crater. The descent into the crater will take about thirty minutes.
We will have enough time to enjoy the blue flames, take pictures, and if desired, interact with the sulfur-carrying workers, after which we will return to the top of Ijen. If there are no clouds, you can see Bali :) an amazing sunrise from a height of 2,799 meters and take photos of the largest acid lake in the world. After sunrise, we set off on the way back.
You must arrive at the car park around 07:30 in the morning. On the way, there is a stop at a local restaurant for breakfast, then you depart back to the island of Bali. Arrival in Bali is approximately 3:00–4:00 PM. Depending on the situation on the roads, you will be at your hotel around 5:00–5:30 PM.
Take with you:
  • Change of clothes;
  • Jacket (Demi-seasonal or a thin down jacket. If you don't have a jacket, you can rent one at the volcano for Rp 50,000);
  • A hat or hood;
  • Reliable closed shoes;
  • A small backpack;
  • We give out masks and flashlights.
Children under 12 years old are not allowed to climb.
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