Tourist in Bali Sent to Police Over Unpaid Restaurant Bill!

A Russian tourist with the initials A.K. was unable to pay for her dinner at the Alaya Resort hotel in Ubud. This incident led to her being taken to the police station. A.K. was temporarily held at the police station before being handed over to the Denpasar immigration office.
"We escorted the 28-year-old tourist to the immigration office for further investigation. We do not have the authority to conduct legal proceedings," said Gianyar Police Chief I Made Watha.
The tourist dined at the restaurant of the Alaya Resort Ubud. When the staff asked her to pay the bill, A.K. stated that she had no money and was waiting for a transfer from a relative in Russia. Unfortunately, the transfer never came, and she did not pay the bill amounting to 300,000 rupiahs. The woman appeared confused and gave incoherent answers. The restaurant contacted the police station.
Watha expressed his bewilderment at the behavior of some tourists in Bali, who come to the island without sufficient funds. According to him, some even become homeless and resort to begging. "If possible, such tourists should be deported so they do not tarnish Bali. We must be strict," Watha noted.
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