Tourist drowned while snorkeling in Bali

Another tourist fell victim to ocean waves and currents in Bali. A 37-year-old Russian citizen named Evgeny, along with his friends, arrived at Bias Tugel Beach, known as White Sand Beach, around 10:30 in the morning last weekend.
This picturesque beach is located near Padang Bai Bay. According to the head of the public relations department of Karangasem Police, Iptu I Gede Sukadana, Evgeny and one of his friends named Igor went snorkeling.
"After 20 minutes, the friend returned to the beach alone. When he returned, Evgeny was no longer visible above the waves.
After waiting for some time on the shore, concerned friends, with the help of local residents, tried to find Evgeny in the water. After an hour and a half of searching, one of the friends noticed the missing person to the east of the beach, near the coral reefs. "After the victim was brought to the shore, he received first aid, but unfortunately, his life could not be saved, and he was declared dead," Sukadana said. The police took the body to the hospital in Karangasem.
The ocean can be a very dangerous place. Powerful waves and currents, sharp coral reefs, and rocks can play a cruel joke. It is best to swim in places where lifeguards are on duty and flags indicate safe swimming zones. Naturally, one should not enter the ocean under the influence of substances and alcohol, especially at night. Remember that the "mood" of the ocean can change very quickly. If you are not confident in your abilities but really want to snorkel, wear a life jacket; it will make your swimming safer, and you won't have to spend a lot of energy to stay afloat.
Sources: detik, tribun-bald
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