Top reasons for denial of a US visa

Why might you be denied?
1️⃣ You do not have enough income. You need to convince the consul that you can pay for your trip.
2️⃣ You do not work or study. The source of your income is unclear. Therefore, you have no barriers to immigration.
3️⃣ First trip abroad and immediately to the United States. You must have a good visa history, pay attention to the previously issued Schengen visas, visa to the UK, Australia, Canada.
4️⃣ You have relatives in the United States who have gone there illegally or have been granted political asylum. You may want to go this way too.
5️⃣ You have previously had long trips to the US and overstayed. This is a signal that you may be delayed this time as well.
6️⃣ Criminal record, criminal record - no country would welcome such visitors.
7️⃣ Your answers at the interview do not match the information on your application form, which means you have lied somewhere.
8️⃣ You have been living in Bali for a long time on a regular tourist visa, so there is nothing stopping you from doing the same in America.
9️⃣ you were too nervous at the interview, maybe the visa is too important to you and you want to stay in the country.
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